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    Electric furnace technical parameters(参数)

    Copper rod induction heating furnace manufacturers

    A. Brief description of copper rod induction heating furnace

    This induction heating furnace is a professional heating furnace for red copper heating. It is different from the induction heating furnace for heating steel. The forging temperature range of copper and copper alloys is very narrow. The heating inductor must be designed to be very precise to avoid overheating of copper. , And cause the crystal grain to grow too much. In addition, in the design, attention should be paid to the surface of the copper rod not being burnt, there is no clip, indentation, and the surface cannot have obvious color difference.

    B. Technical requirements

    1. Name: KGPS-150kW/2.5 copper rod induction heating furnace

    2. Quantity: 1 set

    3. Equipment use: used for copper heating

    4. The main process parameters and technical requirements of the equipment:

    4.1 Heating process requirements:

    4.1.1 Copper rod material: red copper

    4.1.2 Copper rod specification range: Φ50*78

    4.1.3 Heating temperature: 900

    4.1.4 Productivity: 5 pieces per minute, 400kg/h

    4.1.5 The heating is stable during normal operation, and the temperature fluctuation between each section of the material is within ±15; the temperature difference of the copper rod after heating: axial (head and tail) 30; radial (core table) 30

    4.1.6 The pressure of the cooling water supply system is greater than 0.5MPa (normal water pressure is greater than 0.4MPa), and the maximum temperature is 60°C. The corresponding hose pressure and interface also need to be proportionally increased to safety standards.

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