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    Specific Application of Intuitive Method for Maintenance of Induction Melting Furnace

        The intuitive method refers to finding and analyzing the fault based on the external manifestation of the fault of the induction melting furnace without any instrumentation. Direct observation includes non-energized inspection and energized observation. During the maintenance, the power-off inspection should be performed first, and the human sensory organs (eyes, ears, hands, nose) should be used to check for loosening of plug-ins, poor contact, weak soldering, open circuit, short circuit, component rust, zoom, discoloration and fuse Phenomenon such as melt fusing. The intuitive method is the most basic and simple method. Maintenance personnel can reduce the fault to a certain module by observing and inspecting various light, sound, smell and other abnormal phenomena when the fault occurs. Circuit board, even to a component. However, it requires maintenance personnel to have a wealth of practical experience.

        Before performing the visual inspection, you should ask the user and the personnel present about the fault, including the external appearance of the fault, the general location, and the environmental conditions at the time of the fault. If there is abnormal gas, open flame, whether the heat source is close to the induction melting furnace, and whether it is corrosive Gas intrusion, whether there is water leakage, whether someone has repaired and the content of the repair, etc.

        In the implementation of the intuitive method, the principle of first simple and then complex, and first external then internal should be adhered to. In actual operation, the first thing you face is to obtain the random technical information of the induction melting furnace, and then the shape, name, representative letter, circuit symbol and function of the various electronic components in the disassembled induction melting furnace can be obtained. One-to-one numbering can accurately identify electronic components. When using the visual inspection method, it is mainly divided into the following three steps.

        (1) External inspection. Before repairing the induction melting furnace, first observe whether the buttons, sockets, and external connections on the induction melting furnace are damaged.

        (2) Internal inspection. Observe whether the melt of the fuse is blown, whether the components are in contact, disconnected, or discolored, whether the circuit board is plugged in reliably, whether there is any loose or discolored components on the circuit board, whether the copper foil and solder joints are in good condition, and whether there is someone to check it. pass. When inspecting the interior of the induction melting furnace, some components, parts, and circuit boards can be moved by hand for full inspection.

        (3) Inspection after power-on. After the induction melting furnace is energized, it is important to see whether there is fire or smoke inside the induction melting furnace; whether there is any abnormal sound inside the induction melting furnace; the nose should smell whether there is a burning smell inside the induction melting furnace; touch some of your hands Whether transistors, integrated circuits, etc. are hot to your hands (safety care should be taken to avoid personal and equipment accidents), if there is abnormal heating, shut down immediately.

    The characteristic of the intuitive method is that it is very simple, does not require other instruments and meters, and is very effective in repairing the general faults and damaged faults of the induction melting furnace. The intuitive method is more comprehensive, and it is closely related to the experience, theoretical knowledge and professional skills of the maintenance personnel. The intuitive method requires continuous accumulation of experience in a large number of maintenance practices in order to be used skillfully. Intuitive method detection often runs through the entire repair process, and the effect is better when used in conjunction with other detection methods.

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