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    Electric furnace technical parameters(参数)

    2.0T/ 1250 KW medium frequency induction melting furnace pre-acceptance and training steps

    1. Pre-acceptance content:

    (1) General inspection

    (2) Safety inspection

    (3)               Furnace assembly size inspection

    (4) Induction ring manufacturing quality inspection and insulation withstand voltage test

    (5) Measurement of clearance between induction coil and furnace shell

    (6) Measurement of insulation resistance of induction coil and furnace shell

    (7) Measurement of insulation resistance between induction coil and fixed screw

    (8) Intermediate frequency furnace insulation withstand voltage test

    (9) Pressure test of hydraulic system

    (10) Tilting operation test of the tilting drive mechanism

    (11) Hydraulic test of induction coil

    (12) Inspection of electrical interlocking and leaking alarm devices

    (13) Inspection of various protection functions such as electrical fault display, monitoring, and alarm

    (14) Matching kit inspection, including model, specification, and factory certificate inspection

    (15) Inspection of the scope of supply and the integrity of the technical documents of the factory

    2. Training

    The seller does the following technical training for the user:

    (1) Equipment installation training

    (2) Training on electrical control design principles (including: protection, monitoring, fault display, etc. in electrical design)

    (3) Training of equipment maintenance and daily maintenance work

    (4) Training for common equipment failures and special troubleshooting

    3. All pre-acceptance items and test data should be attended and signed by both parties and archived to the user.

    4. Only after the acceptance work has been completed and the parties agree to sign, the seller can package the equipment for shipment.

    Installation, commissioning and final acceptance

    1. After the equipment arrives at the site, the relevant experts will be dispatched to the equipment installation site to guide the installation according to the user notification time. After the installation is completed, the equipment will be debugged.

    2. The seller expert trains the user equipment operation and maintenance personnel on the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

    3. The final acceptance of the equipment shall be at the user's site, and the acceptance items shall include:

    (1) All factory inspection items and comprehensive safety inspections;

    (2) Measurement of the insulation factor of the induction furnace;

    (3) Measurement of insulation power of induction furnace, measurement of heating productivity;

    (4) Measurement of power consumption and melting rate of induction furnace

    (5) Measurement of the temperature rise of the cooling medium;

    (6) Measurement of the temperature of the furnace components;

    (7) Measurement of charge temperature;

    (8) noise measurement;

    (9) Inspection after hot test;

    (10) Reliability and sensitivity check of the alarm system;

    (11) verification according to the provisions of the technical requirements;

    After all the project inspection tests are completed, the final acceptance report will be written, and the two parties will recognize the signature and take effect.

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