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    KGPS-8T-6 type induction melting furnace for sale

    Machine price:
    KGPS-8T-6 induction melting furnace 108RMB (one machine, one furnace)
    6-phase 12-pulse rectification to eliminate 5th, 7th, and 9th harmonics
    1. Intermediate frequency induction heating power supply:
    1. Rated phase-in voltage: 1000V, intermediate frequency output voltage ( induction melting furnace ) 3600V
    2. KK SCR 2500A/2000V 24 (Songdao Induction Heating Technology Co., Ltd.)
    3. KP SCR 2500A/4000V 12 (Songdao Induction Heating Technology Co., Ltd.) )
    4. Air switch 3000A/ electric two (Zhejiang Tianzheng)
    5. Installed copper
    bar 100 mm X 10 mm 6. Reactor: double reactor, coil copper tube diameter 25 mm, number of coils: 10
    7. Intelligent system , Our core technology, high reliability, convenient operation, simple debugging and maintenance, domestic original creation.
    2. Capacitor cabinet:
    use high-voltage, high-capacity capacitors (2000KF /1600V 40 units, Xin'anjiang brand)
    3. Steel shell melting furnace:
    furnace shell height 2.3 meters, diameter 2.0 meters, reducer 631 (double)
    induction coil inner diameter: 1.3m induction coil
    number: double 18 coil
    induction coil copper tube specifications: 25mm X 40mm X 5mm
    1. Intelligent system, fast protection speed, durable thyristor, good starting performance, stable work, convenient operation .
    2. Using large copper busbars to save electricity.
    3. The furnace bottom cooling ring is installed, the furnace bottom heat is small, the furnace bottom is durable, not easy to wear, and the furnace bottom loss is small; using a double voltage circuit, the voltage at both ends of the electric furnace can reach 3600V (the output voltage of the intermediate frequency induction heating power supply) 2 times), water cable, induction coil loss is small; 1000V phase-in voltage, reactor, installed copper bar, phase-in cable loss is small. Equipped with a 6300KVA transformer, it can melt 8 tons of molten iron in 50-55 minutes, and melt one ton of molten iron with 500 degrees-550 degrees. Equipped with a 4000KVA transformer, it can melt 8 tons of molten iron in 80 minutes-70 minutes, and melt one ton of molten iron with electricity of 650 degrees-700 degrees.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan