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    The reason why the output power of the induction heating furnace cannot be maximized?

    The following points mainly affect the stability of the output power performance of the induction heating furnace:

    1. The intermediate frequency voltage value is adjusted too high or too low, which affects the power output.

    2.Improper adjustment of the cut-off and cut-off values makes the power output low.

    3.The rectifier part is not adjusted properly, the rectifier tube is not completely turned on, and the DC voltage does not reach the rated value, which affects the power output.

    4. The load is too light or too heavy: If the workpiece heated by the equipment is too large or too small, it will cause the equipment to be overloaded or lightly loaded.

    5. The induction coil does not match the power supply: the frequency of the induction coil measured with an oscilloscope is not within a reasonable range, and a high-frequency or low-frequency alarm appears on the power supply panel.

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