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    5T One Belt Two Intermediate Frequency Furnace

    product description


    I. Overview: 5T one for two intermediate frequency furnaces , one with two electric furnaces can work at the same time (commonly known as one for two), using a series of resonant dual output power supply , respectively, to two electric furnaces, the power of the intermediate frequency power supply can be two allocation between the stations using any furnace, a melting furnace, another set of furnace insulation, the two may be simultaneously melt furnace production, improved so greatly limits the production capacity.

    Second, the basic composition of 5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace equipment

    The device mainly comprises a series resonant dual output power supply, a steel shell or an aluminum shell furnace body, a closed loop cooling water system and the like.

    Third, the five working modes of 5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace :

    1, one furnace is melted and the other is spared

    2, one furnace is melted and the other is simultaneously insulated

    3, the two furnace bodies melt simultaneously

    Four, 5T one for two intermediate frequency furnace price summary table

    The price of the 5T one-to-two intermediate frequency furnace is calculated according to the power of the intermediate frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. Different configuration prices vary. This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please consult the specific price. Firs T   

    5T one with two medium frequency furnace power supply power capacity, the method of selecting power consumption and price:



    Line voltage V

    rated power

    IF voltage V

    Power consumption

    Furnace structure

    Price  (yuan)

    6- pulse aluminum shell one for two intermediate frequency furnace

    5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace

    GWDT -2T /2000KW


    35 00KW

    3 6 00v

    580 \5% kW.h/t ( 1 55 0 < C )

    Aluminum shell

    Total:  1350000 Yuan

    6- pulse steel shell 1 T one to two intermediate frequency furnace

    5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace

    GWST -3T/4000KW


    35 00KW

    3 6 00v

    580 \5% kW.h/t ( 1 55 0 < C )

    Steel shell

    Total:  145000 Yuan

    12- pulse steel shell 1 T one to two intermediate frequency furnace

    5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace

    GWST -3T/4000KW

    6* 660 V

    35 00KW

    3 6 00v

    580 \5% kW.h/t ( 1 55 0 < C )

    Steel shell

    Total:  1550000 Yuan


    5. What are the advantages of the 5T one-to-two intermediate frequency furnace ?

    1. The rectifier circuit is always in the all-on state, and the boost power is realized by adjusting the current of the series inverter bridge. Therefore, the entire operation process (including low power, medium power, high power) can ensure that the equipment is always in a high efficiency stage. 20% less than normal equipment

    2 , equipment power factor − 9 6 % . The higher harmonics meet the standard without interference to the grid. There is no need for reactive power compensation devices and harmonic elimination devices.

    3 , full load starting success rate of 100% . 2 sets of electric furnace while having the ability to mass production.

    4 , an intermediate frequency power supply can work with 2 furnaces at the same time, the power can be distributed freely, no need to change the furnace switch equipment. The high utilization of the transformer can save half of the transformer capacity.

    5 , constant power output, if the grid voltage rises or decreases, the power output can be kept constant, and the full power output can be ensured.

    6. It can be kept warm or heated at an accurate temperature when it needs to be melted without interruption . The two electric furnaces can be cast at the same time, and can also be continuously supplied with molten steel.

    Six, 5T one to two secondary frequency furnace application

    The 5T one-to-two intermediate frequency furnace is suitable for casting large-scale workpieces. It is suitable for two furnaces at the same time. It is suitable for one power supply and two furnaces to work at the same time, one for melting another insulation mode. Applicable to the casting production line requires continuous uninterrupted discharge of molten steel and sand mold manufacturing cycle.

    Seven, series 5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace technical features :

    One to two intermediate frequency electric furnace adopts " series inverter thyristor intermediate frequency power supply technology " , adopts thyristor full control rectifier electric furnace, but does not need it to regulate voltage, only use it to realize soft start and fault as electronic switch, quickly cut off power supply, normal production When the thyristor is always in a fully conducting state, the grid supply has a high power factor and reduces harmonic interference. The rectification control circuit adopts a digital shifting trigger circuit. The digital shifting trigger circuit has the advantages of good repeatability, good stability, good symmetry, strong anti-interference ability, convenient debugging, etc., and long-distance control can be realized if the digital quantity is given.

    Eight, the reason to buy 5T one for two intermediate frequency furnace

      8.1 high efficiency

    The series inverter uses a half-bridge circuit, the number of main circuit components is relatively reduced, and has a high power factor, so there is higher power.

    Good start-up characteristics, can be started at random under full load and heavy load conditions, and the startup success rate is up to 100% . Improve power factor, to ensure that in any power power factor of 96%.

    Constant power output, power output is controlled by constant. During the melting process, when the load and temperature change, the load is always full power output, thus shortening the melting time.

    8.2 with perfect protection and health monitoring system

    Such as: using the sensor to the incoming current, voltage, circuit current, voltage to take the signal, to the double-closed digital circuit for current limiting, voltage limiting, excessive overvoltage and repeated protection, water temperature and water pressure protection. Both KK thyristors and KP thyristors have self-shutdown time protection.

    8.3 complete detection system

    For the inverter, the working temperature of the filter capacitor is monitored by the temperature switch table. Once the temperature of the cooling water exceeds the set value or a waterway fault occurs, an alarm is issued and the power is turned off. There is water pressure and electric control for the power supply cooling water input, and the cooling water output has a temperature switch table to monitor the undervoltage. The over temperature will give an alarm and cut off the power.

    Nine, the latest 5T one-two intermediate frequency furnace features of our company

    First, the use occasion: suitable for casting large workpieces need to produce two furnace steel at the same time. Applicable to one power supply, two furnaces work at the same time, one smelting another insulation mode. Applicable to the casting production line requires continuous uninterrupted discharge of molten steel and sand mold manufacturing cycle.

    Second, compared with the traditional parallel: can work in the detuned state, adjust the output power by frequency modulation. Inverter thyristors are not burned in the event of any failure. Can adapt to the working mode of heavy load start-up operation. The thyristor of the rectifier bridge in the whole process of the equipment operation is always in the fully open state, so the power factor of the whole smelting process reaches 0.96 or more. Improve overall operating efficiency and save operating costs. The resonant tank current is close to the DC current, so the loss on the overall line is small and the overall efficiency is improved. Eliminating the work caused by frequent replacement of water-cooled cables or furnace switches reduces the labor intensity of workers.

    Ten, 5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace schematic


    11, 5T one to two intermediate frequency furnace electrical schematic


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