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    Industrial electric furnace technical information
        Furnace body installation and adjustment of induction melting furnace
    1. Put the furnace body, reducer, and bracket down near the designated location first, and check whether the height of the foundation, the center of the reducer, the center of the bracket, and the height of the furnace body axis meet the installation requirements.
    2. Align the input shaft of the reducer with the flange of the furnace body and insert the hole and keyway so that the flange of the reducer output end is 30cm away from the flange of the furnace body, and then insert the bracket into the flange on the other side of the furnace body On the arbor.
    3. Lift the furnace body, reducer, and bracket, and put them on the concrete foundation steadily. Adjust the furnace body to be located in the center of the foundation, and the bracket is within 3~5cm from the flange.
    4. Use a spirit level to measure the level of the center of the furnace body, and adjust the level to ensure that the level is within 10/1000. Tilt the furnace forward 95< manually. It should be flexible and not interfere. After everything is normal, tighten the reducer and the bracket. In the foundation pre-buried iron.
    5. Install the tilting switch and water-cooled cable according to the actual situation, install the tilting control box and the reducer motor line, the three-phase input line of the intermediate frequency power supply, and the grounding wire of the intermediate frequency power supply, furnace body, and capacitor cabinet. The wiring should be correct and the connection should be firm. Reliable to reduce voltage drop.
    6. Connect the water inlet and return pipes of the water circulation system, connect the water pump valve, adjust the water pressure gauge to 0.15Mpa, and conduct a water test to ensure that all cooling water pipes are unblocked, and there should be no water leakage everywhere.
    7. Open the oil cover of the reducer, remove the anti-rust oil in the engine, add No. 11, No. 14 diesel engine oil, and reach the specified oil level, add butter to the oil cup.
    8. Turn on the three-phase power supply, push the reducer handwheel into the electric position, and perform tilting tests on the two furnace bodies in sequence, and run normally.
    9.Check and adjust to normal operation according to the certificate of use of IGBT intermediate frequency power supply device.
    The furnace lining is built according to the furnace lining process, and the furnace is burned according to the regulations. For the ramming and sintering of the furnace lining, see the special certificate.
    Induction melting furnace:

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