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    Industrial electric furnace technical information
        Micro-tension reducing machine induction heating equipment
    A new induction heating device for a micro-tension reducer was added. Heating before Zhang reduces; heating method: electric induction heating; ensure that the capillary heating temperature range is between 750~900≧. Furnace purpose: used for heating before 20-frame micro-tension reducer. The capillary tube is sent to the heating furnace by the conveying roller, and after the heating temperature is qualified, it is sent to the sizing machine by the conveying roller.
    Maximum allowable heating temperature: 950≧;
    Temperature uniformity: \20≧;
    Capillary speed: the speed of steel passing through the supporting tension reduction machine
    Technical parameters of induction heating equipment for micro-tension reducing machine
    1) Capillary specifications (before sizing):
    Capillary specifications: Φ40-68mm
    Capillary wall thickness: 3-8mm
    Length of capillary: +6.0m
    2) Steel pipe material: low alloy steel
    3) Steel pipe temperature before heating: about 600≧
    Steel pipe temperature after heating: 750-900≧
    Compensation temperature: 0-200≧ adjustable
    4) Heating speed: the steel passing speed of the supporting tension reduction machine
    5) Intermediate frequency power supply: about 600KW Quantity: 2 sets
    6) Induction heater specifications: 130mm〜1100 mm Quantity: 4 sections
    7) Temperature detection: infrared thermometer
    8) Temperature control: PLC+ temperature closed loop software
    9) Cooling system for the unit: The bidder provides a cooling water system that can be operated independently, and the bidder provides supplementary water and designated contacts, supporting stainless steel water pumps and 304 stainless steel pipe joints.
    10) Power supply system: 1800KVA rectifier transformer (using 76 unit two-through transformer).
    Working parameters of induction heating equipment for micro-tension reducing machine:
    Rated power 2〜600kW
    Rated frequency 2.5KHz
    Input voltage 690 V 50 Hz
    Cooling water flow The manufacturer comes with a set of closed cooling tower circulating water cooling system
    Cooling water inlet pressure 0.2MPa0.3MPa
    Required transformer capacity 1500kVA

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