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    New type of medium-frequency induction heating anti-corrosion equipment for large-diameter steel pipes in water resources allocation project



    Uses: Used for medium frequency induction preheating spray epoxy powder for large diameter steel pipes (Φ4800-6000mm×L12000mm). Equipment for producing epoxy powder anticorrosive steel pipe.

    Composition: The new type of large-diameter steel pipe medium frequency induction heating anticorrosion equipment for water resources allocation project mainly includes six systems: buffer wave medium frequency induction heating system, stiffening ring temperature compensation system, electrostatic spraying and recovery system, high-precision temperature measurement and recording system, It is composed of a new safe and practical roller rack system.

    The steel pipe main heating equipment adopts energy-saving buffer wave intermediate frequency induction heating power supply. The heating method is the inner wall heating of the pipe. The inductor adopts a fan-shaped staggered structure. The steel pipe rotates on the roller frame and the flat car on the roller frame advances to heat the inner surface of the steel pipe. The temperature is very uniform, and the temperature difference is ≦±1℃, reaching the best temperature of the powder spraying area (need to be adjusted to match the performance of the powder product); in accordance with the forward speed and rotation speed of the steel pipe, only 6 sets of spray guns can meet the epoxy powder thickness requirements ; The coating covers 2 layers with a total thickness of 0.4mm. This through-type coating method can greatly improve the uniformity of the coating. Calculated according to the coating thickness of 0.40mm, the thickness deviation is 0.06mm~0.1mm, and the total coating thickness is controlled between 0.40mm~0.50mm. The intermediate frequency induction heating coil is installed on a yoke with a "mountain" cross-sectional shape. Its function is to restrict the magnetic leakage of the induction coil from spreading out, improve the efficiency of induction heating, and act as a magnetic shield to reduce the heat of metal components such as the furnace frame. It also acts as a reinforcement for the sensor. Avoid waste of resources, conducive to energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. By adjusting the position of the lifting mechanism, the position of the intermediate frequency induction heating coil can be flexibly adjusted according to the diameter of the steel pipe, which is suitable for preheating steel pipes of different diameters, and improves the universality and flexibility of use.

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan