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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    KGPS-2T-3 type induction melting furnace, compared with other types of 1T electric furnaces, can save 80-100 degrees per ton of steel (melting power consumption can be as low as 500 degrees per ton of molten steel).
    1. Electric cabinet:
    1. Rated phase advance voltage: 1000V, intermediate frequency output voltage 1600V, DC current: (maximum) 2000A,          power (maximum): 2600KW
    2. KK Thyristor 1000A/2500V 16 pcs
    3. KP SCR 2000A/2500V 6 pcs
    4. Air switch 2500A
    5. Installed copper bar 100mm X 6mm
    6. Reactor (copper pipe 18mmX18mm, wall thickness 1.5mm coil, 12 pcs), a balanced reactor
    6. Intelligent system
    2. Capacitor cabinet:
    Capacitor 2000KF /1200V 12 sets
    Three, stove
    Reducer: 531
    Furnace shell: diameter 1430 mm high 1600 mm.
    Induction coil copper tube 30 mm X 50 mm X 3.5 mm inner diameter 830 mm 19 coils.

    1. Intelligent system, fast protection speed, durable thyristor, good starting performance, stable work and convenient operation.
    2. Using large copper busbars to save electricity.
    3. Special cooling ring for the bottom of the furnace, the bottom of the furnace is durable, not easy to wear, and the loss of the bottom of the furnace is small; using a booster circuit, the voltage at both ends of the electric furnace can reach 2600V (2 times the output voltage of the electric cabinet), water cable, induction coil loss Small; 700V phase-in voltage, reactor, equipment
    The machine copper bar and the incoming phase cable loss are small; 16 1000A/2500V KK SCRs, two sets of KK SCRs are connected in parallel, low power consumption, and the cost of purchasing KK SCRs during maintenance can be reduced by two times (if damaged Four KK2000A/2500V thyristors cost about 2900 yuan, and two sets of KK thyristors in parallel will only damage one of them under the same circumstances, and two KK1000A/2500V thyristors only cost about 1200 yuan. , Greatly reducing maintenance costs).

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan