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    Solution to the blockage of the induction coil of the induction melting furnace

    The cooling water source of the induction melting furnace must be installed with a filter before entering the equipment. Some users directly extract river water as the cooling water of the induction melting furnace, so that foreign matter in the river water can easily block the induction loop. Even if no foreign matter enters, it will take a long time. The formation of scale in the copper tube of the induction coil reduces the cooling water flow of the induction coil, which will cause the induction coil to not flow smoothly and affect the overall performance of the induction melting furnace. After the induction coil is blocked, if the blockage position can be found, iron wire can be used Go to the copper tube of the induction coil, pass both ends first, find the shortest distance, and see if you can hook out the debris inside. If the induction coil is blocked by oxides such as scale, it can be solved by injecting dilute sulfuric acid, if it is other The debris won't melt, and it won't be hooked out. Only disassemble the bakelite post of the induction coil, burn the induction coil coil with fire, heat the copper tube of the induction coil to a certain temperature, and burn the debris inside. If you know the approximate location, you can also use oxygen to heat it locally. When heating, try not to deform the induction coil too much, otherwise it will be a little troublesome to install it. The above method works well, it has no harm to the induction coil, and it has no effect on the use.

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