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    Billet induction heating furnace

    Equipment name: Billet induction heating furnace

    Non-standard customization: yes

    Billet size: width 50mm50mm or more, length 0.5m or more

    Billet induction heating furnace is sophisticated, leading in technology! Intelligent series resonance induction heating power control, billet heating equipment energy saving 10%-30%, specially customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions, can be provided to different countries and regions With the corresponding language switching, the billet heating furnace is easy to operate.

    The billet induction heating furnace adopts PLC control and its characteristics:

    Provide remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

    Specially customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions, one person can operate the whole set of equipment, saving labor and cost.

    All-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, as long as the steel grade, size, and equipment of the workpiece are entered, the relevant parameters will be automatically called, without manual recording, consulting, and input. Has a high-precision history curve function. It can be backed up by U disk or network, and the data can be stored permanently.

    Strict grade management system, square billet induction heating electric furnace is equipped with one-key reduction system. (If there is a problem in the adjustment, or you want to restore the device to its original state, just press a button to restore the original data)

    The billet induction heating furnace adopts intermediate frequency series resonance power supply to control its characteristics:

    Parallel resonance design, phase shift power adjustment, the equipment is mature and stable; it has more advantages in the high power range above 3000KW.

    DSP control, fast capture phase lock start, meet frequent start and stop, high success rate.

    Frequency conversion and load adaptation, frequency adaptation range 200-10000Hz, automatic matching for induction furnace replacement, no manual adjustment is required.

    T2 red copper copper bars are used in the cabinet, which are sandblasted and passivated; low leakage inductance, anti-oxidation, effectively reducing line loss.

    Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict level authority. The main parameters can be restored to factory settings with one key.

    The power of a single power supply is 50-6000KW, and the frequency is 200-10000Hz.

    The induction heating coil of the billet induction heating furnace is a profiling design. The copper tube is wound with T2 oxygen-free copper. The wall thickness of the copper tube is 2.5mm. The furnace body insulation material is made of knotted materials imported from the United States. It has high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life. Long; the inlet and outlet ends of the furnace body of the steel billet secondary heating equipment are encapsulated with 5mm red copper plates, which greatly reduces the magnetic flux leakage and prolongs the service life. The furnace body chassis frame is made of non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum alloy to reduce the influence of magnetic leakage and heat generation on other devices. The square steel billet induction heating furnace is equipped with a water-cooled roller between every two furnace bodies, and each roller is equipped with a variable frequency speed regulating motor to ensure the stable and uniform speed of the billet.

    The billet is driven by the motor and the idler to run in the induction heater at a uniform speed. The billet is heated at a uniform temperature with less heat loss and high heating efficiency. The American Leitai thermometer is equipped at the discharge port to display the heating temperature of the billet in real time to maintain the workpiece The uniformity. The billet heating furnace has a higher degree of automation than ordinary equipment, and is convenient to operate and easy to connect with other equipment and has a high degree of intelligence. The billet induction heating furnace heats evenly, the billet after heat treatment has no cracks, no over-burning, and no straightening machine for straightening. The tensile strength and toughness can meet customer needs.

    Operating conditions of billet induction heating furnace and user-supplied parts:

    1. The user provides power supply on the high-voltage side of the transformer, electrical connection lines from the transformer to the low-voltage power distribution cabinet and power cabinet, and the operation console enters the line.

    2. Altitude: 2000m; Relative humidity: 90%

    3. Equipment cooling: The total flow of the whole set of equipment is greater than or equal to 200 cubic meters per hour. Pressure0.3MPa

    4. No conductive dust and corrosive gas.

    Billet induction heating furnace price

    Billet size


    Billet length


    Heating temperature


    Production capacity









































    What is the purpose of the billet induction heating furnace?

    The billet induction heating furnace is used for induction heating of billets, square billets, and round billets. Such equipment generally has other processes behind it, such as heating the billet and rolling it into steel bars and wire rods.

    The price of billet induction heating furnace

    Industrially used billet induction heating furnaces can be divided into cold billet heating furnaces and billet heating furnaces, continuous casting continuous on-line heating furnaces according to customer processes. The power of equipment for different processes is also different, and the workpieces to be heated by each customer are also different. , So the price of equipment is not the same. When purchasing a billet induction heating furnace, you should first locate your own needs and then find a larger, professional manufacturer.

    How to accurately control the temperature of the billet induction heating furnace?

    Two-point temperature measurement method is adopted. In order to ensure the precise control of the temperature of the steel billet and continuous casting billet during the heating process, an infrared thermometer is generally installed at the inlet and outlet. In addition, in order to make up for the time difference of the temperature measurement by the thermometer and improve the control sensitivity, a hot body detection device is installed at the entrance and exit of each group of furnaces to make the heating furnace maintain low power and high power switching more sensitive and reliable when there are no materials and materials. .

    How to choose a billet induction heating furnace?

    The traditional steel rolling process is that the steel billets are stacked and cooled, transported to the rolling mill, and then heated in a heating furnace to be rolled into steel. This process has two defects. One is that after the billet is drawn from the steelmaking continuous caster, the temperature on the cooling bed is 700-900C, and the latent heat of the billet is not effectively utilized. Second, after the billet is heated by the heating furnace, the surface of the billet loses about 1.5% due to oxidation. The energy-saving and emission-reduction technological transformation project of the rolling workshop implements continuous casting and rolling in response to the above-mentioned problems, but the second defect of heating with a regenerative heating furnace still exists. In order to fully save energy, it is more appropriate to use a billet induction heating furnace to perform on-line temperature raising and uniform heating of the continuous casting billet.

    What is the role of the billet induction heating furnace?

    The slab temperature raising and temperature supplement heating furnace is the continuous casting billet (small square billet, slab, round billet, rectangular billet) before entering the rolling mill through the heating furnace online to reheat, to achieve continuous casting and rolling production. The whole billet is heated to 1100, and the temperature uniformity is passed through the induction heating furnace to ensure that the temperature uniformity of the billet is better than the natural state before heating.

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