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    Electric furnace industry news(电炉新闻)

    Selection method of quenching transformer capacity of induction heating furnace

    The capacity of the quenching transformer of the induction heating furnace is generally 3-5 times the power of the intermediate frequency power supply. In production, the load duration of quenched transformers is different. For example, the capacity of a transformer with a low load duration can be selected to be smaller. For example, if a gear is heated for 5 seconds, while cooling and loading and unloading workpieces are 10 seconds, the load duration is 5/(5+10)=5/15=0.33; when scanning and quenching a long shaft, the heating time is 300s, and the delay cooling and loading and unloading time is 40s, so the load duration rate is 300/(300 + 40) = 0.88o At this time, the capacity of the quenching transformer should be selected larger.

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