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    Electric furnace technical parameters(参数)

    2.0T/1250KW medium frequency induction melting furnace grounding alarm trip function features


    Leakage furnace alarm system schematic

    The control system has a dedicated lining thickness detector. The working principle is to judge the integrity of the lining according to the magnitude of the leakage current between the induction coil and the charge. Because when the furnace lining becomes thin, the leakage current must increase.

    The alarm current of the lining thickness detector can be adjusted. The appropriate alarm current must be adjusted step by step according to different sizes of electric furnace and different lining materials.

    The lining thickness detector cannot be 100% accurate, it can only be used as a reference for judging the thickness of the lining.

    The lining thickness detector is directly connected between the side electrode and the bottom electrode.

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