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    Electric furnace technical parameters(参数)

    Selection of bag filter for 1 ton induction melting furnace

    One set of dust removal equipment is selected for 1 ton induction melting furnace; the air volume of a 1 ton induction melting furnace is about 8000m3/h, and the selected model is DMC-140 pulse dust collector. Filtering wind speed V=1.2m/min.

    The temperature of soot generated by the induction melting furnace production process is ≤300 degrees.

    Technical parameters of bag filter for 1 ton induction melting furnace:

    Processing air volume m3/h 8000 m3/h

    Processed materials Fume generated by induction melting furnace process

    Inlet flue gas temperature ≤300℃

    Bag dust collector model DMC-140

    Filter area m2 112

    Filter wind speed m/min 1.2

    Filter bag specification mm φ133×2000

    Filter material medium temperature coated needle felt

    Number of Dust Collector Bags (Article) 140

    Electromagnetic pulse valve specification YM-1”

    Filtration method: negative pressure external filter

    Dust cleaning method pulse injection

    Dust discharge method

    The pulse dust collector is mainly composed of upper, middle and lower three boxes and platforms, electrical control equipment, ash hopper, ladder, dragon frame, pulse valve, gas storage tank, screw conveyor, air compressor, ash unloading valve, etc. The process has three stages: filtering, cleaning and conveying. The pulse bag filter uses an external filter structure, that is, when the dust-containing gas enters each filter unit, it can directly fall into the ash hopper under the action of inertia and gravity according to the different properties of the dust. The fine dust particles gradually enter the filter room as the airflow turns. The dust is filtered by the dust cake on the surface of the filter bag, and the fine dust accumulates on the surface of the filter bag. Only the clean gas can enter the upper box from the inside of the filter bag. The exhaust duct, which is gathered into the clean air collecting pipe, is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan, so as to truly restore the freshness of nature.

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