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    Special advantages of aluminum rod heating equipment:

    It can achieve high power, low frequency, good heat permeability, fast heating speed and high production efficiency;

    Using voltage feedback series resonant circuit, IGBT frequency conversion, high conversion efficiency;

    With the function of frequency automatic tracking, high power factor can always be guaranteed in the whole process, regardless of the output power, the power factor is always greater than 0.9;

    Compared with thyristor intermediate frequency furnace, the energy saving effect is obvious, and it can start successfully under any load;

    The high-order harmonic components are small, and the impact on the power grid is small;

    It has a complete protection circuit and high working reliability;

    The power part adopts modular design, which is convenient for maintenance;

    Compared with other traditional heating methods, heating the workpiece has less oxide layer, which can improve the processing quality of the workpiece, save energy and raw materials, easily realize mechanization, automation and flow production, reduce labor intensity, and improve the production environment.

    The workpiece has good heat permeability, and the heated aluminum rod has no over-burning, no deformation, no cracks, strong toughness and other relevant conditions in line with national standards.

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan