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    product description


    Large diameter steel pipe quenching and tempering production line

     quenching and tempering production line

     1. The large-diameter steel pipe quenching and tempering production line meets the quenching and tempering process of steel pipes with a diameter of φ325φ1067 .

    The induction heating furnace is divided into two areas: heating and uniform temperature. The uniform temperature area can be controlled independently, and the temperature difference of the tube can be trimmed to meet the process requirements. The quenching and tempering of the workpiece are carried out separately in the same production, that is, the quenching and tempering processes of the large-diameter pipe are respectively completed through the relevant parameters of the preparation .

    The working process of tube tempering and heating: storage, loading, roller transmission, heating, uniform temperature, discharging, unloading, etc.

    Pipe quenching and heating process: storage, loading, roller transmission, heating, uniform temperature, spraying, cooling, discharging, unloading, etc.

    Heating control is divided into automatic control and manual control. The heating temperature is controlled by loop control and manual control. The exit temperature of the workpiece should be within a certain range that meets the technological requirements of the workpiece.

    2. Induction heating furnaces and holding electric furnaces are used to achieve the heating functions required by the following technical requirements:

    (1) Workpiece diameter range: Φ325mm-Φ1067mm

    (2) Tube wall thickness: 10mm-30mm.

    (3) Length of heating pipe: 6.0m-13m.

    (4) The highest temperature of tube heating: 1050≧.

    (5) Maximum temperature difference (circumferential and radial): \15<

    (6) Pipe walking speed: 3mm/S-30mm/S available;

    (7) Tube motion and sensor power control can realize linkage control with PLC and automatic temperature control.

    (8) Process requirements: the uniform temperature of the tube after heating to 1050≧.

    (9) Output: 5 tons/hour

    3. Product process index of large diameter steel pipe quenching and tempering production line :

    Within the range of Φ325mm-Φ1067mm. The induction heating temperature is 1050≧. Output: 18,000 tons/year.

    KGPS induction furnace using multiple frequency power supply and a plurality of sensors set to. Quenching main heating zone: a power source equipped with a sensor, so that the power supply can control independently an induction may increase the accuracy of heating temperature, heating may be achieved for each power matching inductor Promise can be adjusted , and the temperature can be achieved loop Control . The heating unit adopts 4 independent heating units, and each unit adopts a 600KW intermediate frequency power supply with a 800-1000mm long inductor to work. Its advantages: a single unit has lower power, high stability, and each power supply has an independent frequency according to the tube specifications, the adaptability range is enhanced, and the heating efficiency is improved.

    Tempering isothermal heating zones: 1 300KW and the power control IF, IF power on with separate sensors, temperature sensors have holes , with the far red outer temperature of the tube temperature measurement and control. The length of the sensor is 800-1000mm .

    quenching and tempering production line


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