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    1. Equipment type:

    One-to-two induction melting furnace equipment. This equipment is a power-saving product with the characteristics of fast temperature increase, energy saving and consumption reduction, stable and reliable operation. The service life of the complete set of equipment is designed and manufactured to be no less than 20 years, and the equipment control technology is in the leading position in the same industry within five years. The equipment consists of a set of dual power supply and dual output series resonance 12-pulse intermediate frequency power supply, two coreless steel shell induction melting electric furnaces and auxiliary equipment required for the normal operation of the system.

    A series resonant dual output power supply with two electric furnaces can work at the same time (commonly known as one with two), that is, the output power can be steplessly distributed between the two furnaces, and the two furnaces can be powered at the same time, and one heat preservation , A smelting.

    2. Basic composition of equipment

    This equipment mainly includes a rectifier transformer, an intermediate frequency power supply, a series inverter, a steel shell furnace body, a closed-loop cooling water system, and a computer-assisted melting management system. The computer-assisted smelting management system can not only display the real-time data and information of the power supply operation, but also the operation status and information of the entire system, and has automatic oven, cold furnace start, fault diagnosis, fault information display and storage, and operation information display , System status display and other functions.

    This series resonant dual power supply intermediate frequency power supply is also equipped with a computer-assisted smelting management system. The intelligent new-age color screen touch can not only display real-time data and information of the power supply operation, but also display the operating status and information of the entire system, and has an automatic oven, Cold furnace start-up, fault diagnosis, fault information display and storage, operation information display, system status display and other functions.

    IF power supply PLC equipment operating status monitoring system can have the following functions:

    1) Complete melting control management functions, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic lining sintering and other functions.

    2) Complete melting process control function and complete monitoring, alarm and fault self-diagnosis functions. It has perfect sound and light alarm. And give an alarm for the following conditions, feedback various faults.

    ■Variable frequency power supply

    ■The capacitor is damaged

    ■The temperature of power supply cooling water is too high

    ■Power cooling water pressure is too low

    ■The temperature of the furnace cooling water is too high

    ■The pressure of the furnace cooling water is too low

    ■The rectifier part of the variable frequency power supply has no DC output

    ■Grounding / Leaking Furnace Detector Alarm

    3) In addition to the protection system, the computer melting management system should also set the following limits to limit the display

    ■Inverter work

    ■Full power limit

    ■Capacitor voltage limit

    ■Induction coil voltage limit

    ■Output current limit

    ■Frequency limit

    ■Stove selection/isolating switch

    ■Grid input current limit

    4) The computer melting management system requires complete melting and heat preservation process control, and its main functions include

    ■Continuously monitor and display various parameters

    ■Display the operating status of the system

    ■Automatic sintering lining

    ■Cold furnace start

    The level of automatic control is mainly reflected in the aspects of control function, response speed and control accuracy. The automatic control system of the complete set of equipment made by our company is a combination system of programmable controller PLC and touch screen. Among them, the PLC system is composed of Siemens and analog input and output modules; the touch screen uses 10.4//color touch screen. The automatic control system mainly completes the display, monitoring and automatic control of related parameters.

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