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    Repair of induction melting furnace: repair method of reactor

    Common faults of smoothing reactors: coil insulation breakdown. This is caused by the poor structural design and operating conditions of the reactor. The reactor coil is wound with an air-core copper tube. During use, due to the poor water quality, it often causes scale on the inner wall of the water pipe. The accumulation of scale over the years reduces the amount of cooling water and even causes the water pipe to block, thereby causing the coil to overheat. Accelerate the aging of the coil insulation, which is a cause of damage to the coil insulation. Another reason is that the current flowing in the design is too large, which exceeds the current that the cross-section of the copper tube bears.

    During the use of the reactor, if the waterway is found to be unsmooth, it should be washed with dilute hydrochloric acid and then washed with high-pressure water (or gas). In addition, when abnormal noise is found after power-on, it may be a fault in the circuit, but there may also be faults such as a short circuit between layers or turns of the reactor itself. At this time, an oscilloscope can be used to observe whether the voltage waveform on each turn of the coil is normal. If there is no voltage on a certain turn of the coil, there may be a short circuit in this turn of the coil, which should be replaced or repaired.

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