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    Electric furnace technical parameters(参数)

    2.0T/1250KW medium frequency induction melting furnace special transformer technical description

    The 2.0T/1250KW medium frequency induction melting furnace special transformer is used to reduce the 1OKV high voltage of the power grid to the voltage suitable for the intermediate frequency power supply. This equipment uses a 12-pulse rectifier transformer for melting, which is self-cooling. The rated capacity of the transformer is 1250KVA , the primary voltage is 1OKV, the secondary voltage is 660V; the star and triangle type two sets of winding output , the short-circuit impedance is between 6% and 8%. The unloaded manual pressure regulating switch is installed on the high voltage side of the transformer and can be adjusted in the third gear of -5%, 0, +5%.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan