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    One for two induction melting furnace system

    The one-to-two induction melting furnace system adopts a set of power supply system to supply power to the two furnace bodies at the same time, so that the two furnace bodies can be in a fast smelting state, as well as an energy-saving insulation state, which is very convenient to use.
    The one-to-two induction melting furnace system developed by Luoyang Yuhua Electric Furnace Factory, with intelligent control, can reasonably distribute the power of the two furnace bodies according to the capacity of the power transformer to avoid improper distribution, resulting in slow smelting speed, high power consumption, or smelting The speed is too fast, causing an accident that damages the power transformer.
    The one-to-two induction melting furnace system can use relatively small induction furnaces, relatively small power transformers, and produce relatively large castings, which can reduce investment and save the monthly rent of power transformers.
    Random induction melting furnace spare parts

    1. Furnace steel mold 2. Reducer control box 3. Reducer control button 4. Various installation hoses and snakeskin tubes 5. Various installation clamps 6. Various installation screws 7. Intermediate frequency induction heating power supply and capacitor cabinet Connection line 8, reducer connection and control cable 9, induction furnace and capacitor connection cable 10, machine basic diagram 11, electric furnace 12, smelting common parameters, machine principle, debugging, and operating instructions. The price of the whole machine One for two induction melting furnace system, the price is 100RMB (one machine, one furnace)


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