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    product description


    Round steel end heating furnace

    The difference between the round steel end heating furnace and the round steel overall diathermy is that the round steel end heating belongs to the round steel local heating, which is mainly used for the induction heating of the end or the middle of the round steel or the steel rod. Therefore, The design of round steel end heating furnace is different from ordinary round steel induction heating furnace .

    1. Design of round steel end heating furnace:

    The reasonable design of the round steel end heating furnace can heat the round steel to the required process temperature within the specified time to achieve rapid and accurate heating. The round steel end heating furnace is generally an integrated or split design. The heating coil is designed as a flat induction coil or a multi-hole sensor. An idler is placed at the front of the inductor to heat multiple round steel at the same time. Into the round steel.

    2. Features of round steel end heating furnace:

    The round steel end heating furnace has simple production operation, flexible feeding and discharging, and high degree of automation; fast workpiece heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, high efficiency, and good forging quality; workpiece heating is uniform, the temperature difference between core and surface is small, and the control accuracy is high. Therefore, the sensors are collectively referred to as porous position sensors or flat heating sensors.

    3. Application of round steel end heating furnace:

    ‍Round steel end heating furnace is mainly used for round steel, steel bar, round bar material, thickened head or semi-shaft forging, etc.

    Fourth, the power of the round steel end heating furnace

    Power§ P= ( C 〜 G 〜 T ) / ( 0.24 〜 t 〜〉)

    §Formula description: P- equipment power ( KW ); C- specific heat of metal, in which the specific heat coefficient of steel is 0.17G- weight of heated workpiece ( kg ); T- heating temperature (≧); t- working cycle (seconds); 〉 -The overall thermal efficiency of the equipment, generally 0.5-0.7 , and 0.4 for special-shaped parts .


    For example: a forging factory has a forging blank of Φ 60mm 〜 150mm , the working cycle is 12 seconds / piece (including auxiliary time), and the initial forging temperature is calculated at 1200 ≧. It is necessary GTR calculated frequency electric power is as follows: P = ( 0.17 〜 3.3 〜 1200 ) / ( 0.24 〜 12 is 〜 0.65 ) = 359.61KW .

    According to the above calculation, an induction heating furnace with a rated power of 400KW can be configured . Then choose according to the following selection parameter table.




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