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    Induction heating furnace creates value for you

    Functional characteristics of induction heating furnace:

    1. Domestic and imported cylinder drives are available, and the action is stable;

    2. There are two operation modes, manual/automatic, and the number of automatic heating intervals (operating speed) can be set freely;

    3. The PLC centrally controls the operation of the whole machine, and the man-machine interface touch screen displays all functional data, making the operation and control easier and more convenient;

    4. Automatic feeding, automatic electric eye alignment, automatic detection of workpiece temperature, advanced infrared thermometer to make temperature measurement and control more accurate, and it can be repeated multiple times;

    5. Induction heating furnace and quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment have high heating speed and high precision, which can greatly improve production efficiency;


    Induction furnaces will play an important role in industrial automation. Yuantuo Electromechanical's induction heating furnace is smart, made of wear-resistant, heat-resistant and moisture-resistant steel, and is equipped with powerful electromagnetic induction technology, which improves the operating efficiency of the entire production line and can be applied to various high-precision blank workpieces.


    The induction heating furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, simple operation and control, accurate temperature measurement and control, high degree of automation, cost saving, and efficiency improvement, and the pressure is balanced, the workpiece is thick, and it can use a variety of types and different specifications of blanks. The foreign market is very popular among customers.

    The emergence of induction heating furnace is not only a simple combination of multiple devices, but also the realization of scientific and advanced induction heating technology to complete the corresponding work. In the future industrial production, induction heating electric furnace will play an increasingly important role.

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