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    Steel pipe quenching and tempering production line ( new energy-saving type )

    product description


    Equipment name: Steel pipe quenching and tempering production line, round pipe, steel pipe quenching and tempering production line
    Material: carbon steel alloy steel
    Size: diameter above 20 mm
    Power range: 160- 1000 KW
    closed loop temperature control: American Lei Tai double color measurement Thermometer control temperature
    control system: PLC man-machine interface fully automatic intelligent control

    Process flow and working process description of round pipe and steel pipe quenching and tempering production line :

    1.  Heat treatment process: the steel pipes are placed on the loading platform by the crane for bulk bundling → feeding machine feeding → frequency conversion feeding roller table to transport the steel pipe forward → induction heating furnace heated to 950 ℃ for quenching , infrared temperature measurement and feedback Composed of closed-loop control to adjust the power of the induction heating furnace → spray quenching → lift the tube by the turning machine and put it on the water draining device → lift the tube by the turning machine and put it on the tempering roller table → enter the induction heating furnace → ( Tempering ) heating to 450~760℃ infrared temperature measurement and feedback to form a closed-loop control to adjust the power of the induction heating furnace → turning machine → chain two-way cooling bed → turning machine → discharging . 

      2. Summary of parameters of steel pipe quenching and tempering production line


    Control System

    Matching power supply

    Φ 10- Φ 28mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS350KW +KGPS160KW

    Φ 42- Φ 48mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW +KGPS160KW

    Φ 30- Φ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW +KGPS160KW

    Φ 30- Φ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW +KGPS160KW

    Φ 35- Φ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS300KW +KGPS160KW

    Φ 30- Φ 110mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS400KW +KGPS160KW

    Φ 80- Φ 110mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS600KW +KGPS160KW

    [Phi 73.2- [Phi 88.9mm- [Phi 139.7 mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS500KW +KGPS100KW

    Φ 95- Φ 114mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW +KGPS160KW

    Customized production according to the actual needs of customers


    The steel pipe quenching and tempering production line adopts intelligent intermediate frequency power supply control features:

    ●Parallel resonance design, phase shift power adjustment, the equipment is mature and stable; it has more advantages in the high power range above 3000KW.

    ●DSP control, fast capture phase lock start, meeting frequent start and stop, 100% success rate.

    ●Frequency conversion and load adaptation, frequency adaptation range 200-10000Hz, automatic matching for induction furnace replacement, no manual adjustment is required.

    ●T2 red copper copper bars are used in the cabinet, which are sandblasted and passivated; low leakage inductance, anti-oxidation, and effectively reduce line loss.

    ●Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict level authority. The main parameters can be restored to factory settings with one key.

    ●The equipment has self-protection function (over current, over pressure, water pressure, lack of phase, under voltage, overload), and the equipment has self-diagnosis function in case of situation.

    Configuration composition and characteristics of steel pipe quenching and tempering production line :

    1. The range of quenching medium frequency power supply: KGPS160-1300KW

    2. Tempering medium frequency power supply range: KGPS160-750KW

    3. Quenching and tempering sensor (including capacitor bank, water circuit, gas circuit, etc.)

    4. Closed cooling system for intermediate frequency power supply and inductor

    5. Copper bar connecting wire (connection between power cabinet and induction furnace)

    6. Input and output system (while rotating, while feeding at a constant speed, and the operation is stable, the speed is adjustable, and the heating is more uniform)

    7. Quenching and tempering spray system

    8. Quenching and tempering infrared temperature measuring device (equipped with the real-time temperature displayed by the American Raytech infrared thermometer, so that the temperature uniformity can be seen at any time during the quenching and tempering process)

    9. PLC control system, (can control the operation of the entire mechanical part, man-machine interface, full digital, highly humanized operation)

    10. The central console (including variable frequency speed regulation and temperature control, Huayan industrial computer, remote start, etc.) is to operate the entire quenching and tempering equipment directly on the central console, and only one person can operate the entire equipment , Save labor and save costs.

    Performance characteristics of steel pipe quenching and tempering production line :

    1. The quenching and tempering production line has a simple structure and reliable performance, which can meet different heat treatment processing requirements, and the equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain;

    2. The processed products have beautiful appearance and strong production capacity. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating , the quality of processed products is excellent, the heating is uniform, and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is small;

    3. The quenching and tempering production line has advanced control systems and precise control. The fully automatic control system provides manual control, feed control, constant power control and other operation modes to choose from. The automatic monitoring system can understand the operating status of the equipment in real time, which is conducive to the best performance of the equipment;

    4. Optimized structure design, long service life, non-contact heating of the induction coil of the quenching and tempering production line , no friction, high reliability, and prolongs the service life of the equipment;

    5. Quenching and tempering production line equipment has low operating cost, split structure design, reducing equipment occupation of workshop space, reasonable and standardized layout of equipment components, simple and convenient maintenance, and lower operating cost.

    What is the general configuration of steel pipe quenching and tempering production lines ?

    User needs are different, and the configuration is different. The basic configuration of the steel pipe quenching and tempering production line includes: induction heating system, storage rack (feeding rack and discharge rack), induction heating power supply (IGBT induction heating power supply or KGPS induction heating Power supply), PLC console, etc. Other options: infrared thermometer, power transformer, cooling tower, etc. These can allow professional steel pipe quenching and tempering production line manufacturers to support you, and will provide detailed design plans according to your needs.


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