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    product description


    Induction forging machine

    Induction forging machine

    1. Application range of induction forging machine :

    1. Suitable for heating forging of copper rods, iron rods and aluminum rods ;

    2. Continuous heating forging of round bar material, square material or other bad shape materials ;

    3. The material can be heated as a whole or locally, such as heating at the ends, heating at the middle, etc.;

    2. Composition of induction forging machine

    1. Workbench + heating sensor + feeding mechanism + heating power supply + compensation capacitor box;

    2. According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometers, temperature controllers, and feeding and coiling devices;

    3. It can be customized according to your needs;

    3. Advantages of induction forging machine 

    1. Ultra-small size, movable, covering an area of only 0.6 square meters.

    2. It is convenient to use with any forging and rolling equipment and manipulators;

    3. The installation, debugging and operation are very convenient, and you can learn it as soon as you learn;

    4. It can be heated to the required temperature in a very short time, greatly reducing metal oxidation, saving materials and improving forging quality;

    5. It can work 24 hours a day, heating forging is even and faster; it is environmentally friendly and meets environmental protection requirements, eliminating the trouble of environmental protection inspection; power saving, not only small in size, convenient maintenance, but also 15-20% power saving. It is convenient to replace the furnace body to meet the different requirements of integral heating or end heating of the bar;



    Heating capacity of common materials

    Heating steel and stainless steel materials to 1100℃, heating brass materials to 700℃  

    SD -25 induction forging machine


    Suitable for heating Φ 12-30mm bars

    SD -35 induction forging machine


    SD -45 induction forging machine


    SD -70 induction forging machine


    Suitable for heating Φ15-50mm bars

    SD -90 induction forging machine


    SD -110 induction forging machine


    SD -160 induction forging machine


    Suitable for heating Φ 15-90mm bar material

    SD -200 induction forging machine


    SD -250 induction forging machine


    Suitable for heating Φ 30-150mm bar material


    How to choose induction forging machine ?

    The selection method of induction forging machine should be determined according to different process requirements and the type of workpiece. For those that cannot be produced in batches, the sizes of the workpieces are not equal, there are many types, and the process requires versatility and versatility, box furnaces can be used. For heating steel pipes and steel bars, choose induction forging machines .

    What parameters are required for the selection of induction forging machine ?

    The selection of induction forging machine generally requires the following parameters:

    First: the shape of the workpiece to be heated, the outer dimensions, and the weight of the workpiece to be heated.

    Second: the material of the workpiece to be heated (generally induction heating, only for metal conductor materials).

    Third: the time required for the heating of the heated workpiece to the target temperature, and the target temperature.

    Once the above three points are clear, the induction forging machine can be selected including matching power.




































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