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    How does the semi-automatic crankshaft immersion induction heating furnace quenching work?

    Semi-automatic crankshaft immersion liquid induction heating furnace quenching is shown in Figure 8.16. The induction heating furnace quenching consists of a quenching tank and a movable quenching trolley. The quenching tank is equipped with quenching liquid and has four star brackets that can hold and rotate the crankshaft. The driving device on the left is used for the rotation of the crankshaft, and the indexing device on the right makes the star bracket flip 90 quickly. , The workpiece is transferred from the heating station to the quenching station, that is, it falls below the quenching liquid surface. There is a circulating quenching liquid in the quenching tank. A movable sprayer is designed for the groove bottom of the quenching journal. The quenching liquid pump continuously sends the quenching liquid to the sprayer to agitate and circulate the quenching liquid beside the quenching journal. The position of the sprayer can be moved with the quenched part of the journal. The quenching trolley is equipped with quenching transformers, inductors and intermediate frequency capacitor cabinets to shorten the oscillation circuit and reduce power loss. The quenching transformer is suspended on the four-bar parallel mechanism on the quenching trolley. The inductor (including water and electricity) is connected to the secondary winding of the quenching transformer, and the quick-change mechanism is adopted. The sensor is replaced by the handle and the cam mechanism, which is generally completed within 15s. The lifting gear and balance coil spring installed on the top of the trolley are used to lift the transformer sensor group, and enable the sensor to press on the heated uranium neck with a certain gravity, tracking at equal intervals, and the sensor automatically rises after heating. The shaped support quickly immerses the heated journal in the quenching tank, while the other unheated journal is turned to the position to be heated.


    Figure 8-16 Semi-automatic crankshaft quenching in liquid induction heating furnace

    The board of the capacitor cabinet is also equipped with a power pulsation device, which is composed of a proximity switch and multiple strikers. After the quenching machine, a drag chain is installed. The drag chain is equipped with flexible intermediate frequency coaxial power cables, inlet and outlet hoses and control wires to coordinate the movement of the quenching trolley on the left and right of the quenching tank. Due to the different quenching requirements of the crankshaft main journal, connecting rod journal, first main journal, oil seal flange, spline shaft, thrust surface, etc., different inductors and different electrical specifications (voltage, power, access Capacity, etc.). Therefore, an encoder is installed on the rear side of the bottom of the sensor, and each sensor has a code. The main journal sensor is installed in the quick-change chuck, and the computer system accepts the signal coded by the sensor to perform the program work. The working method is to quench the journal of one size with an inductor.

    This kind of semi-automatic crankshaft immersion induction heating furnace quenching is very popular in Europe and the United States due to its compactness, flexibility, and ease of changing crankshaft products. Its disadvantages are large labor and low output. The improved model is a quenching trolley equipped with two bed slots with star brackets. When one bed slot is loading and unloading the crankshaft, the other bed slot can be quenched. In this way, the output of the crankshaft can be increased by about 20%. The improvement to reduce labor is the automatic replacement of the sensor. This new product is now available.

    In this immersion quenching process, the crankshaft must be tempered in the furnace after quenching. In order to save production area, the current design of the furnace body of this tempering furnace is developed to a higher level to meet the requirements of productivity.


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