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    Electric furnace technical information┝縞

    The root cause of induction coil ignition

    The ignition of the induction coil is because the insulation is damaged, and the quality of the insulator directly affects the utilization rate of the induction melting furnace and the safety of the worker's operating environment. However, it is a pity that the insulation of induction coils has not received enough attention in the industry. Most manufacturers just spray a layer of conventional insulating paint on the surface as an insulating means after the coil is made. Most of this type of insulating paint is organic. The substance has good insulating ability at room temperature, but as the temperature rises, the performance of this type of insulating varnish deteriorates rapidly, and it itself is gradually carbonized. When the temperature exceeds 100C, the insulating varnish will be completely carbonized and blackened. , Loss of insulation.

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