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    5 great ways to use an induction melting furnace safely 1

    1. It is strictly forbidden to mix iron filings and iron oxides when the induction melting furnace is repairing the furnace and ramming the crucible, and the ramming crucible must be dense. The charge shall not be mixed with airtight containers, pipes or other explosives. The charge must be dry and free of water or ice or snow. When charging the charge, it is not allowed to hit it hard with a hammer, and it should be lightly placed and tapped to avoid damage to the furnace. When feeding materials into the furnace, it is strictly forbidden to throw sealed containers, flammable objects and objects with water into the furnace to prevent injury. When the burning loss of the furnace exceeds the specified limit, the furnace should be stopped for repair.

    1. The operator of the induction melting furnace must wear protective glasses when removing slag within the safe range from the furnace mouth. When tapping (steel), no one is allowed to do any work in the tapping (steel) pit. When sampling, it should be stable, and the iron (steel) water should not be splashed, and the excess iron (steel) water should be poured back into the furnace. The sample can be demolded only after solidification. The pouring site of the induction melting furnace and the pit in front of the furnace should be free of obstacles and water to prevent molten steel from falling to the ground and exploding.

    3. It is not allowed to overfill the molten steel in the induction melting furnace. When pouring the ladle by hand, the two should cooperate in the same way, and the walking should be stable. . When the molten steel is poured into the ladle by tilting the furnace body, the power should be cut off first, and then the machine should be slowly poured. The speed of lifting and transporting the ladle should not be too fast, and the molten steel should not be overfilled (should be at a certain distance from the edge of the ladle). If pouring with hand ladle, they should cooperate with each other when walking, do not rush to stop. If molten steel is spilled, put it down firmly and do not throw the bag. The ladle must be baked to dry.

    4. When adding alloy material to alloy steel in induction melting furnace, it should be clamped with pliers after preheating, slowly and in batches, and the operator's face should avoid the furnace mouth when adding. During the working process, the furnace chief should check the furnace lining frequently, and should immediately cut off the power and carry out emergency treatment if there are signs of burning through the furnace wall. When taking the sample, pay attention to the surrounding people, so as not to scald the steel flower.

    5. When the induction melting furnace is found to be out of water, leaking, the insulation layer of the induction coil is broken and water is leaking, the furnace should be stopped immediately for maintenance. When the induction melting furnace is dismantled, it should be taken care of up and down and cooperate with each other. . All tools should be stored in an orderly manner and checked for integrity before use. The medium frequency power supply room should be kept clean, and it is strictly forbidden to bring inflammable and explosive materials and other sundries into the room.

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