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    Round steel quenching and tempering production line( new energy-saving type )

    product description


    Round steel quenching and tempering production line

    Equipment name: Round steel quenching and tempering production line

    Production process: heating quenching tempering

    Material: plain carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

    Diameter range: above 20mm in diameter

    Power range of intelligent quenching  induction heating furnace KGPS250KW-25 00KW

    Power range of intelligent tempering induction heating furnace KGPS250KW-2500KW

    Power consumption: Calculated based on the material and diameter of the customer's workpiece, the heating temperature of the workpiece, and the operating speed.

    Features of round steel quenching and tempering production line:

    1. The intermediate frequency power supply is fully digitally controlled, touch screen display, and advanced technology.

    2. Uniform heating, quenching and tempering, high temperature control accuracy, easy to achieve uniform heating, and small temperature difference between core and surface.

    3. The heating speed is fast, the oxidation decarbonization is less, and the service life is long.

    4. It is carefully designed according to your required process and has a high degree of automation. The pLc control system can realize the fully automatic operation of the round steel quenching and tempering production line.

    5. Low energy consumption, no pollution, and stable process.

    7. The processed workpiece has high hardness and strong toughness, and no cracks and wrinkles are generated after the rounding

    Composition of round steel quenching and tempering production line

    The round steel quenching and tempering production line is the round steel on-line tempering production line. The equipment required mainly includes: mobile tooling, heating equipment, water spray device, infrared temperature measuring device, and water circulation system.

    1. The function of mobile tooling is mainly for uniform rotation and branch movement.

    2. The heating equipment is heated and quenched by an induction heating furnace to meet the quenching heating requirements and the tempering heating requirements;

    3. Water spray device;

    4. Infrared temperature measurement: In order to improve the accuracy of quenching and tempering, an infrared thermometer can be selected to detect the temperature in a timely manner (if the operator has rich experience, infrared temperature measurement may not be used).

    Summary of parameter selection for round steel quenching and tempering production line


    Control System

    Matching power supply

    Φ 20- Φ 28mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 42- Φ 48mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 30- Φ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 30- Φ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 35- Φ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 30- Φ 110mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 80- Φ 110mm

    PLC intelligent control


    [Phi 73.2- [Phi 88.9mm- [Phi 139.7 mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Φ 95- Φ 114mm

    PLC intelligent control


    Customized production according to the actual needs of customers


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