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    Precautions for Induction Heating Furnace Coil Leakage Solution


    During repair, the temperature of the sensor should not be too high, and water should not be used in the sensor, otherwise air bubbles will be generated and the repair will fail.

    Novices are advised to experiment with the fully cooled inductor first, and then heat the furnace to repair it after being proficient.

    Water seepage will often occur during repair, and the leak should be cleaned up before repairing. Be patient, I have repaired the same place three times in a row before it succeeded.

    It is forbidden for the repaired sensor to lack water during the smelting process, otherwise the AB glue will fall off due to high temperature failure, causing water leakage again.

    The temperature resistance of the strong AB glue must reach 120, and the low temperature resistance affects the hot repair effect.

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