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    Dust hood structure of induction melting furnace
    1) Smoking hood with furnace cover, sturdy steel structure design, furnace cover built with refractory material and fixed on the furnace frame, which can be opened back and forth. In the process of electric furnace smelting, the entire smoking hood is in the closed position, and the furnace cover is covered on the crucible of the molten pool to reduce heat loss during feeding, smelting and burning. At the same time, the smoking hood absorbs dust and exhaust gas through a certain amount of air suction. , To achieve and improve the exhaust emission effect.
    2) Welded steel smoking hood shell, connected to the exhaust gas discharge pipe system through a flange located on the rotating shaft of the furnace body. When the cover of the entire holding furnace is opened, the feeding operation is carried out. The entire holding furnace cover can be rotated in reverse. This design is conducive to the operation of furnace lining removal without removing the smoking hood; it is convenient for the maintenance of the injection furnace of the induction furnace. The smoking hood with furnace cover should be operated under the condition of the suction volume (single furnace body) provided by Huyue Company. Please configure it according to the suction volume requirements, and purchase dust removal equipment and pipes.

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