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    Induction melting furnace steel structure furnace body description
    Including open furnace frame, sensor, German smoking ring, furnace cover, and tilting cylinder, magnetic yoke, high pressure carbonless hose, furnace mouth and furnace bottom pouring fixed material, water distributor, return water collector and clamp And so on, including wall-mounted water inlet and outlet water tanks. Structural features:
    1) Open steel frame structure, easy for daily maintenance and repair, large-size H-shaped steel or square steel pipe constitutes the basic structure of the furnace frame, the overall structure is simple and strong, and the maximum furnace body inclination angle is 95 degrees
    2) The surface of the furnace platform is made of non-slip steel plates to protect the safety of workers
    3) Welded steel structure, equipped with appropriate support and clamping parts to fix the induction furnace coil and yoke; the upper part of the induction furnace is detachable, so that it is more convenient to replace the coil.
    4) Pillar ! Heavy-duty steel members on both sides become the strongest support for the furnace body, providing a hydraulic tilt axis, and the axis moves outward and upward. Ensure the minimum movement track of the tapping hole, reduce tapping energy loss, and facilitate the automatic and direct hot metal connection device to connect the iron.
    5) The yoke adopts the silicon steel sheet of Wuhan Iron and Steel. It is evenly stressed by the rail bolts and provides the maximum holding force to the coil to ensure a long working life of the furnace lining. The yoke is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with a thickness of 0.27mm. After the silicon steel sheet is processed, the cutting edge flash tolerance is less than 0.1mm, and the bending and parallelism after assembly meet the requirements of TB/T4280-93 to ensure that the coil and the magnet The yoke arc-shaped contact, precise coupling. At the same time, the multiple sets of magnetic yoke fastening devices are firm and reliable, easy to assemble, disassemble, adjust, and repair, and are evenly distributed along the circumference (error 0.5), covering the coil area above 50%; the gasket between the yoke and the coil adopts multilayer high quality The insulating materials include multilayer mica boards and multilayer ceramic fiber boards. The yoke adopts water cooling, and the cooling water pipe adopts copper pipe.
    The top and bottom of the furnace are equipped with formed heat-insulating plates and short-circuit rings.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan