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    Principles of Temperature Control of Induction Heating Furnace in India

    The temperature control principle of Indian induction heating furnace is shown in the attached picture. This board includes two parts of temperature control, and the temperature control input signal adopts 0-20mA standard current signal. The current signal is taken out as a voltage signal through R52, and then calculated with the W moving terminal voltage, and then amplified and output by the integrated block U1D. The maximum output voltage is determined by the level of the W moving terminal potential in the temperature control circuit. The temperature control input is 0~ The 20mA current signal is converted into a voltage signal by R52 and compared with the level of the external potentiometer moving end potential. The voltage difference between the two is amplified by U1D to change the output voltage. The range of change is determined by R54 and R51, generally in It has been set at about 10 times when leaving the factory. Set the voltage difference between UR52 and UW2 to be 0.1V, and the voltage at the output terminal of U1D should be about 1V. In normal work, the given output BH point is a low potential, after the temperature control is turned on, the output is a high potential, and the power output by the intermediate frequency power supply develops to a low level. To achieve the purpose of temperature control. The level of temperature is determined by the level of W dynamic terminal potential. Generally, the W value of the temperature indication can be adjusted accordingly


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