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    What are the advanced features of the induction melting furnace system?

    The advanced nature of the induction melting furnace system-it should match the advanced level of equipment and management background of the entire foundry. The intermediate frequency power supply with a fully digital control system will greatly improve the stability and reliability of the operation of the electric furnace system (including the life of the furnace lining and melting operation). In addition, in recent years, the power sharing power supply system (commonly known as one belt two electric furnace system), power supply remote control system, electric furnace computer melting process automatic control and management system, old furnace lining quick launch mechanism, furnace lining Advanced devices such as the hammer-type pneumatic furnace building machine with stable construction quality, the automatic weighing system for molten iron, the automatic furnace lining control system and other advanced devices have also greatly improved the operating stability and reliability of the electric furnace system, reflecting the technology and management level of the foundry shop The advanced nature of the foundry also provides an effective means for the quality management system of casting production.

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