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    product description


    High frequency induction heater

    High frequency induction heater

    Technical parameters of high frequency induction heater:

    Power supply

    Single phase 220V/50Hz

    Three-phase 380V/50Hz

    Three-phase 380V/50Hz

    Three-phase 380V/50Hz

    Three-phase 380V/50Hz

    Three-phase 380V/50Hz

    Operating voltage range







    Input Current







    Output Power







    Oscillation frequency







    Transformer size (mm3)







    How to choose a high-frequency induction heater ?

    1. The shape and size of the workpiece to be heated: large workpieces, bars, and solid materials should use induction heating equipment with relatively high power and low frequency; for small workpieces, pipes, plates, gears, etc., use relatively low power and high frequency Induction heating equipment.

    2. Area to be heated: for deep heating, large area, and overall heating, induction heating equipment with high power and low frequency should be used; for shallow heating, small area, local heating, induction heating equipment with relatively low power and high frequency should be selected.

    3. Required heating speed: Fast heating speed is required. Induction heating equipment with relatively large power and relatively low frequency should be selected.

    4. The continuous working time of the equipment: the continuous working time is long, and the induction heating equipment with a slightly larger power is used. On the contrary, the equipment with relatively small power is selected.

    5. The connection distance between the induction component and the equipment: the connection is long, and even water-cooled cable connection is required. Induction heating equipment with relatively high power should be used.

    6. Process requirements: Generally speaking, for quenching, welding and other processes, the relative power can be selected lower and the frequency should be higher; for tempering, annealing and other processes, the relative power should be higher and the frequency should be lower; red punching, hot forging , Smelting, etc., if a process with good diathermy effect is required, the power should be larger and the frequency should be lower.

    7. The material of the workpiece: among the metal materials, the higher melting point is relatively large, the lower melting point is relatively small; the lower resistivity is higher, and the higher resistivity is lower.

    Advantages of high frequency induction heater:

    1. Using Siemens IGBT power devices and unique inverter technology.

    2. The automatic control type can adjust the heating time, heating power, holding time, holding power and cooling time; it greatly improves the quality of heating products and the repeatability of heating, and simplifies the operation technology of workers.

    3. Light weight, small size, simple installation, just connect with 380V three-phase power supply, water inlet and outlet, and it can be completed in a few minutes.

    4. It occupies a very small area, is easy to operate, and can be learned in a few minutes.

    5. The output voltage is lower than 36V, avoiding the danger of high-voltage electric shock.

    6. Almost no electricity is needed in standby mode, and it can work continuously for 24 hours.

    7. The sensor can be quickly disassembled and replaced freely, and the ultra-fast heating greatly reduces the oxidation deformation of the workpiece.

    8. It replaces the products heated by dangerous materials such as oxygen, acetylene, coal, etc., and it is more assured to produce without open flame.

    9. The equipment has complete automatic protection functions for overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, water shortage, and water shortage, and is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis and alarm system.

    10. The equipment has the control function of constant current and constant power, which greatly optimizes the heating process of metal, realizes rapid heating, and gives full play to the superior performance of the product.

    What is the difference between high frequency induction heater and medium frequency induction heating equipment?

    High-frequency induction heating: With a hardening depth of 0.5-2 mm (millimeters), it is mainly used for small and medium-sized parts requiring a thin hardened layer, such as small modulus gears, small and medium-sized shafts, etc.

    Intermediate frequency induction heating:

    The effective hardening depth is 2-10 mm (millimeters), which is mainly used for parts that require a deeper hardened layer, such as medium-modulus gears, large-modulus gears, and shafts with larger diameters , but the thickness is different .

    Six major problems in the use of high-frequency induction heaters

    After years of development and production of induction heating equipment, our company has summarized several major problems that often occur in the use of high-frequency induction heaters for users' reference.

    Problems in the use of high-frequency induction heaters:

    1. When the overheating protection alarms, the possible reasons are: too little cooling water, insufficient water flow, poor water quality, waterway blockage, etc.;

    2. It is easy to jump during work and suddenly stop working. The possible reasons are: the workpiece enters and exits the induction coil too fast, there is a short circuit between the workpiece and the induction coil or the induction coil itself, and the gap between the workpiece and the induction coil is too small. The shape and size of the induction coil is incorrect;

    3. When the water shortage protection alarms, the reasons may be: reverse connection of the water pipe, insufficient power or pressure flow of the water pump (the machine tool cooling pump cannot be used), poor water quality, and blockage of the waterway;

    4. When the overvoltage protection alarms, the reason may be: the grid voltage is too high and exceeds 10% of the rated voltage, and it is used when the power consumption is low;

    5. When the over-current protection alarm occurs, the reasons may be: the self-made induction coil is incorrect in shape and size, the distance between the workpiece and the induction coil is too small, there is a short circuit between the workpiece and the induction coil or the induction coil itself, and the prepared induction coil When in use, it is affected by the customer's metal fixture or nearby metal objects;

    6. When the lack of phase protection alarms, the reason may be: the three-phase power is seriously unbalanced, one of the three-phase power is missing, there is an open circuit in the air switch or the power supply line, etc.

    Is radiation from high-frequency induction heaters harmful?

    According to the range set by IEEE (International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering):

    1. In the frequency range of about 0.1MHz to about 300MHz, the generated magnetic field whose magnetic field strength exceeds 3 milligauss is harmful to the human body. The magnetic field of 90MHz to 300MHz hurts, and the lower it is, the closer it is to 0.1MHz. Magnetic field, the smaller the damage, the more insignificant the problem of magnetic field damage below 0.1MHz. Of course, in the harmful range, its intensity is below 3 milligauss, and it is generally regarded as a range.

    2. Electromagnetic waves damage from 90MHz to 300MHz. The closer to 12000MHz above 300MHz, the less the damage. Therefore, we know that the frequencies of 900MHz and 1800MHz of "Big Brother" we used before are in the harmful range. As for the industrial heating electromagnetic movement, the frequency is 17~24KHz, which belongs to the super audio signal (20~25kHz range). Except for some slight noises, it is not harmful to the human body.

    3. The frequency and principle of industrialized electromagnetic heating are basically the same as that of household induction cookers. Now, household induction cookers have entered thousands of households, and there is no doubt that the distance of magnetic field lines of induction cookers is very short, and only 3cm or less has an effect on iron. You might as well do a simple experiment. If you raise the bottom of your induction cooker slightly by 1cm, the electromagnetic induction at the bottom of the pot will quickly attenuate. In our industrial electromagnetic heating, the coil is more than 1500mm away from the operator, and the danger is completely negligible. Excluding.

    4. Modern life is inseparable from electromagnetic waves, and our living space is also full of electromagnetic waves of various wavelengths. Just like sunlight, if the earth does not have sunlight, everything will lose life, so sunlight is a beneficial electromagnetic wave for people. In addition, there are many infrared devices, which are also electromagnetic waves that are beneficial to the human body. Although the electromagnetic radiation of electromagnetic heating is not beneficial, it is not harmful to the human body. According to the test, it is about one-sixtieth of the time when the mobile phone is connected. You can use it with confidence.

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