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    Grinding rod quenching and tempering production line

    product description


    Grinding rod quenching and tempering production line

    Basic knowledge: Grinding steel rods refer to the grinding rods used in rod mills and coal mills. They are different from round steel in steel mills, so they should have relatively high wear resistance.

    Technical specifications of ground steel bars: diameter: 40-120mm , length: 2-7m, hardness: HRC45-55
    P: ӆ0.035 Cr: ӆ0.04

    1 , grinding rod production quenching composition lines

    The grinding rod quenching and tempering production line is composed of feeding mechanism, feeding structure, quenching induction heating system, quenching spray system, tempering induction heating system, discharging system, and PLC control console. The main console adopts German Siemens PLC and Taiwan Huayan industrial control system as the core control part, which automatically matches and adjusts the mechanical operating parameters, quenching and tempering parameters, power supply, etc. of the entire system, and displays, stores and prints each parameter. And other functions.

    power supply system : hardening with induction heating furnace 160KW-1000KW / 0.5-4KHz , tempered with induction heating furnace100KW-600KW / 0.5-2.5KHz, hourly output 0.5-3.5 T , the scope of Ø 40 -ø120 .

    quenching system : production line includes the intermittent quenching function, the control error is less than 3mm .

    tempering induction furnace Tempering induction furnace with the same effect induction furnace, using a custom made, after quenching and tempering after entering the induction furnace to obtain more perfect metal workpiece tissue.

    the conveying roller: roller axis at an angle to the workpiece axis 18 is 21 is [deg.] , While the rotation of the workpiece, while uniform feed, make more uniform heating roller between the furnace using 304 Non-magnetic stainless steel and water cooling, other parts of the roller table made of 45 steel and surface hardened.

    roller groups : Group feed, the feed sensor group and the control group each independently, is conducive to the gap between the continuous heating will not work.

    temperature closed-loop control : quenching and tempering are the United States Raytek infrared thermometer with Germany's Siemens S7 closed-loop control system, precise temperature control.

    IPC system : real-time display of the status that the operating parameters, workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, display fault alarm functions. Energy conversion : adopts self-tempering method after quenching, which consumes 360 to 400 degrees of electricity per ton . 

    Grinding rod quenching and tempering production line 

    9. Summary of technical parameters of grinding rod quenching and tempering production line


    Control System

    Matching power supply

    ¦µ 20- ¦µ 28mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS350KW £«KGPS160KW

    ¦µ 42- ¦µ 48mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW £«KGPS160KW

    ¦µ 30- ¦µ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW £«KGPS160KW

    ¦µ 30- ¦µ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS250KW £«KGPS160KW

    ¦µ 35- ¦µ 60mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS300KW £«KGPS160KW

    ¦µ 30- ¦µ 110mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS400KW £«KGPS160KW

    ¦µ 80- ¦µ 110mm

    PLC intelligent control

    KGPS600KW £«KGPS160KW

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