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    What are the advantages of steel rod induction heating equipment



    What are the advantages of steel rod induction heating equipment:

    1. High energy efficiency: more energy is transferred to work, which reduces heating time and improves efficiency. With flexible induction coils and quick installation coils, the frequency can be adjusted for better and faster installation and implementation of the process, which better meets the pre-weld preheating and post-weld heat treatment. Special design process requirements such as stress relief.

    2. Air-cooled design: avoid the inconvenience caused by low ambient temperature and the inability to achieve water cooling.

    3. Improve the working environment: reduce the occurrence of safety accidents of steel heating equipment, welders do not need to be exposed to the open flame environment generated during ignition or resistance heating, no high temperature, no gas or other substances are generated, and the working environment is greatly improved.

    4. Multi-channel heating mode and thermocouple control: multi-channel monitoring can control the hottest thermocouple during heating and the coldest thermocouple during freezing to ensure product quality. Tell the current sensing technology online dynamic detection to achieve perfect system detection and real-time protection.

    5. Using new high-temperature resistant materials, the highest temperature reaches 1200, the infrared temperature measuring device displays the current temperature of the workpiece in real time, and the heating uniformity is high.

    6. The temperature of the steel rod induction heating equipment is accurate and reliable, and adopts automatic temperature recording.

    7. Use a temperature recorder to record the whole process of heating the steel bar and automatically generate a heating curve.

    8. PLC full-automatic intelligent control system with man-machine interface, easy operation of intermediate frequency heating equipment.

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