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    The working principle and characteristics of induction heating furnace?


    The working principle of the induction heating furnace is to place a metal cylinder in an induction coil with alternating intermediate frequency current. The metal cylinder does not directly contact the induction coil. The temperature of the energized coil itself is already very low, but the surface of the cylinder is heated to Redness, or even melting, and the speed of redness and melting can be achieved only by adjusting the frequency and the strength of the current.

    The induction heating furnace has the following characteristics and advantages:

    1. Simple production operation, flexible feeding and discharging, high degree of automation, and online production can be realized.

    2. The workpiece has a fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, high efficiency, and good forging quality.

    3. The heating length, speed and temperature of the workpiece can be precisely controlled.

    4. The workpiece is heated uniformly, the temperature difference between the core and the surface is small, and the control accuracy is high.

    5. The sensor can be carefully made according to customer requirements.

    6. All-round energy-saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and lower production cost than coal.

    7. It meets environmental protection requirements, has low pollution, and also reduces the labor intensity of workers.

    8. Compared with high-frequency furnaces, induction heating furnaces are more stable, and the failure rate is much lower than that of high-frequency furnaces.



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