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    Water cable advantages of induction melting furnace

    1. The technical specifications of the water cable of the induction melting furnace. The cross section is in the range of 25 to 6000 square millimeters; the length is in the range of 0.3 to 70 meters, which conforms to the national standard GB.

    2. The water cable electrode (also called cable head) of the induction melting furnace is non-contact, non-welded, and non-welded. It is processed by a whole copper rod on a CNC lathe or milling machine, which is beautiful and durable;

    3. The outer casing of the water cable of the induction melting furnace is made of a rubber tube, with a water pressure resistance> 0.8MPA and a breakdown voltage higher than 3000V. There is also a flame-retardant outer tube for users to choose in special occasions;

    4. The soft wire of the water cable of the induction melting furnace is processed on a special winding machine with fine enameled wire. Soft, small bending radius, large effective cross section;

    5. The water cable of the induction melting furnace uses enameled wire as a water-cooled cable, which has high power transmission efficiency. Because of the insulation between each enameled wire, it conducts medium-frequency and high-frequency current, and has no surface skin effect. Compared with other water-cooled cables of the same cross-section, it generates less heat;

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