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    Electric furnace industry news┻臑仟療

    How about the quality of the products of the induction heating furnace manufacturer in India?


    "Made in India" will challenge or even replace "Made in China"!


       The topic of the dispute between "Made in China" and "Made in India" has been around for a long time. The recent "quality crisis" of Chinese toys and food has caused some international doubts about "Made in China", which seems to have given "Made in India" a chance to replace it. However, the author believes that "Made in India" wants to surpass "Made in China", and it seems that they are not ready yet.

    Quality can't be complimented

    India's quilts are very famous, with exotic patterns. A friend bought a dozen of them and gave them back. Unexpectedly, when I woke up in the morning, I found my whole body colorful: the sheets faded! The gift has been sent, so there is no need to mention the embarrassment.

    The pride of Indian cars, the national brand "Ambassador" brand, the appearance of the Big Beetle has not changed for decades, and it is still the prime minister's designated mount. The author wanted to take a test ride and felt good, so I rented one for a long trip. As a result, when the hot weather started, the driver stopped every short distance to find water to cool down. It seems that a car is more than just "four wheels.

    Therefore, to hear the recent rise of the so-called "Made in India" overtaking "Made in China" talk, it depends on the future development.


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