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    Electric furnace industry news(电炉新闻)

    The induction melting furnace should be cleaned first and then repaired

    For the induction melting furnaces  with heavier pollution, clean the panel buttons, terminals, and contact points first, and check whether the external control keys are malfunctioning. When inspecting the interior of the induction melting furnace, you should pay attention to whether the interior of the induction melting furnace is clean. If you find dust, dirt, cobwebs, excess solder, solder oil, etc. between the components, leads, and wires in the induction melting furnace, you should first Clear, and then overhaul, so that not only can reduce natural failures, but also get twice the result with half the effort. Practice has shown that many failures are caused by dirt, dust, and foreign objects. Once the induction melting furnace is cleaned or cleared, the failures of the induction melting furnace will often disappear automatically.


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