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    Pneumatic multi-contact internal force compaction molding machine

    product description


    Pneumatic multi-contact internal force compaction molding machine

    1, use, characteristics

    This machine can be used in the clay box of various casting workshops. It can be used in a single machine or composed of a mechanized assembly line. It can also be used as a semi-automatic line.

    This machine has 3 features:

    1. It adopts pneumatic multi-contact compaction and has no trouble of oil leakage. Compared with moderate pressure, there is no special requirement for molding sand, and the number of contacts is large (60), which is suitable for complex model modeling.

    2. The machine is pressed in real time, the frame is not force, but the four pull rods are hooked on the side of the multi-contact body, and the compaction is carried out as the multiple contacts protrude downward, if the contacts are , hooks, sand boxes, stencils, workbench as a system, this pressure is internal force or internal force compaction.

    3, compaction, the contact on the one hand compacted sand type, at the same time with the workbench together shock (disengaged from the frame, the frame is not subject to vibration). Therefore, the shock compaction effect is good, the sand hardness is high and uniform (average hardness is 85~90, B type hardness value), the amount of sand can be as small as 20~30 mm, and the sand ratio is up to H:B=2~3 And the hardness of the vertical surface of the cavity can still reach 80 or more.

    This machine adopts spring full cushioning pneumatic micro-shock mechanism, so there is no special requirement for foundation, and the connecting rod adopts connecting rod.

    Synchronous shaft structure, pneumatic oil speed regulation, good mold synchronization, and speed control.


    1. Inside the sandbox size 15201220(1320)190mm

    2. The maximum size of the sand box 21001320190mm

    3. Work surface size 19801030mm

    4. Normal working pressure 0.55Mpa

    5. Number of multiple contacts 60

    6. Contact cylinder inner diameter Ф100

    7. Contact head Ф118

    8. Contact compaction stroke 250mm

    9. Draft cylinder stroke 350mm

    10. Drafting cylinder diameter Ф1602

    11. Shock cylinder bore Ф250

    12. Compaction cylinder diameter Ф600

    13. The distance from the workbench to the lower surface of the contact is 435mm

    14. Total height of sand box type plate 350mm

    15. The distance between the sand frame and the contact is 20mm.

    16. Productivity 35-40 half boxes / h

    17. Total intake pipe (2 places) 11/2, 1

    18. Free air consumption 3m3 / half type

    19. Total mass 6500kg


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