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    Steel tube heating furnace

    product description


    Steel tube heating furnace

    First, the steel tube heating furnace: steel tube heating and insulation, suitable for the diameter of 20mm-3000mm wall thickness: 5mm-50mm steel tube induction heating. 

    Second, the selection method of steel tube heating furnace parameters :


    Control System

    Power supply


    PLC intelligent control system

    KGPS 200KW


    PLC intelligent control system

    KGPS 350KW


    PLC intelligent control system

    KGPS 500KW


    PLC intelligent control system

    KGPS 200KW

    Customized production of steel pipe intermediate frequency heating furnace according to customers' actual needs

    1500KW steel tube heating furnace basic configuration selection table

    Serial number





    Intermediate frequency power supply

    3 sets



    Compensation capacitor cabinet

    3 sets

    1500KW /1KHZ


    Heating furnace

    6 sets



    Heating furnace

    6 sets



    Zone transfer roller

    10 groups



    Transfer roller upper and lower adjustment mechanism

    10 groups



    Heating furnace body removal device

    6 groups



    Speed measurement

    2 sets




    Industrial computer

    1 set



    1 set



    1 set


    Configuration Software

    1 set




    17 ''

    Photoelectric switch

    2 sets


    Frequency converter

    1 set



    Rectifier transformer

    3 sets



    Wind-water cooling system

    3 sets



    IF power supply to the connection copper bus




    Transformer to intermediate frequency power supply cable

    200 meters



    Water cable connecting capacitor cabinet to furnace body


    5 meters


    Water cable connection between furnace bodies


    3 meters


    Connection pipe between devices

    Complete set



    Random spare parts








    Installation guide




    Transportation insurance




    Third, steel tube heating furnace   PLC intelligent control system :

    1, the user needs to provide a touch screen or a remote control console

    2 , man-machine interface, easy to operate

    3 , real-time adjustment of equipment operating parameters

    4 , real-time control of the heating process, and has a recording function

    5 , different international language switching
    Fourth, the steel medium frequency heating furnace has the characteristics: 
    1. Medium frequency power control, infrared thermometer control, non-contact heating , which makes the workpiece heating more uniform. 
    2 , steel tube heating furnace closed-loop control, heating speed, high production efficiency. 
    3. All the water pipelines of the induction furnace body are made of 304 stainless steel pipes to avoid water rust and scale, greatly improve the cooling effect and long service life. 
    4. The steel tube heating furnace adopts the man-machine interface PLC control system, and the whole touch screen controls the whole set of induction heat treatment equipment production. 
    5 , high temperature control accuracy, fully automatic intelligent control. 
    6, the furnace steel polluting, low energy consumption, no cracks processed workpieces, toughness and tensile strength linearity requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. 
    7, steel furnace conveyor drive output system controlled by an independent, automatic control of the cylinder, the speed control segment. 
    8. A powerful formula management system, after selecting the steel grade and plate type parameters to be produced, automatically call the relevant parameters. 
    9, a closed pipe by using a furnace cooling tower for cooling, energy saving.  

    Fifth, how to choose and choose a steel tube heating furnace? Mainly from several aspects:

    1. Shape and size of the heated workpiece

    For large workpieces, round bars and solid materials, steel tube heating furnaces with relatively high power and low frequency should be used; for small workpieces, pipes, plates, gears, etc., steel tubes with low relative power and high frequency are used.

    2. Depth and area required for heating

    Deep heating depth, large area, overall heating, should choose high-power, low-frequency steel tube heating furnace; shallow heating depth, small area, local heating, the use of relatively low power, high frequency steel tube heating furnace.

    3, the required heating rate

    The required heating speed is fast, and a steel tube heating furnace with relatively large power and relatively high frequency should be selected.

    4, the continuous working time of the equipment

    The continuous working time is long, and the steel tube heating furnace with a slightly larger power is used.

    5, the connection distance between the sensing component and the device

    The connection length is long, and even the use of water-cooled cable connection is required. The medium-frequency induction heating furnace with higher power should be used relatively.

    6, process requirements

    In general, quenching, welding and other processes, relatively power can be selected smaller, frequency selection is higher; annealing, tempering and other processes, relative power selection is larger, frequency selection is lower; red punch, hot calcination, smelting, etc., need For a heating process, the power should be chosen to be larger and the frequency selected lower.

    7, the material of the workpiece

    The relative power of the high melting point of the metal material is larger, the relative power of the lower melting point is smaller, the power of the smaller resistivity is larger, and the power of the larger resistivity is smaller.

    Six, what parameters are required for steel tube heating furnace selection?

    The selection of steel tube heating furnace generally requires the following parameters:

    First: the shape of the heated workpiece, the outer dimensions, and the weight of the heated workpiece.

    Second: the material quality of the heated workpiece (generally induction heating, only for metal conductor materials).

    Third: the time of the target temperature required for heating the heated workpiece, and the target temperature.

    Once the above three points are clear, the steel tube heating furnace can be selected including matching power.

    Seven, what are the characteristics of the furnace structure of the steel tube heating furnace?

    1. Furnace structure: Our company's heating furnace is designed as an overall quick change type. Quick change is possible when changing the furnace body for different heated workpieces.

    2. Furnace lining: The lining is made of silicon carbide or integral knotting, and the temperature is above 1450 C.

    3. Protection: Automatic shutdown when the water temperature exceeds 65 C.

    4. Induction furnace water cooling rail: Water-cooled rail is installed on the induction furnace lining.

    Eight, how to calculate the power supply of steel tube heating furnace?

    P=(0.168200693)/(0.240.6145)=1029KW In the formula: 0.168the average specific heat of the ferrous metal; 2080the mass of the workpiece (Kg); 200the temperature rise of the workpiece heating; 0.24 Work heat equivalent; 0.6 - average efficiency (0.6 in this case, generally 0.5 ~ 0.65, lower profile sensor, take 0.4); 145 - work beat (seconds)

    According to the above calculation, a 1KHz induction heating device with a rated power of 1500 KW can be configured to meet the needs.

    Nine, the selection method of the power frequency of the steel tube heating furnace?

    The choice of power frequency follows the principle of optimal heating efficiency and temperature uniformity (core temperature difference). The higher the frequency, the higher the heating efficiency, but the too high frequency is likely to cause the surface of the workpiece to be too burnt. According to our experience, the frequency is selected to be 2500KHZ. , the best heating effect can be obtained without overheating the workpiece temperature. 

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