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    3T medium frequency induction furnace

    product description


    A, 3T medium frequency induction furnace consists of:

    2000kw SCR intermediate frequency power supply - compensation capacitor cabinet - aluminum shell furnace or steel shell furnace - tilting furnace system - remote control box , ZXZ-200T closed loop cooling tower.


    B, 3T medium frequency induction furnace price range:  42 0000 yuan -  98 000 0 yuan. For specific prices, please consult

    C, 3T medium frequency induction furnace technical parameters

    Rectifier transformer capacity: 2000KVA incoming line voltage 660V ,

    Incoming cable for 3T medium frequency induction furnace: 6mm 〜 200mm copper plate to replace the cable.

    3T frequency induction furnace of closed cooling tower : corresponding model: ZXZ-200T

    Energy consumption of 3T medium frequency induction furnace : 55 0KW.h/t   temperature 1500 <C

    Equipment type GW- 2000

    Aluminum shell ( veins)

    Steel shell ( veins)

    rated power



    Phase voltage



    Rectified form

    3- phase 6- pulse rectification

    6- phase 12- pulse rectification

    Startup mode

    Zero voltage start

    Sweep start

    Start success rate



    Rated voltage

    2600 V


    Rated Capacity



    Rated temperature

    1550 <C

    1550 <C

    SCR intermediate frequency power supply

    KGPS- 2000kw

    KGPS- 2000kw

    Furnace body

    GW- 3T aluminum shell

    GW- 3T steel shell

    Melting rate

    3T /H

    3T /H

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