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    IGBT intermediate frequency bar heating furnace

    product description



    New IGBT IF bar heating furnace technical characteristics: 
    , using IGBT devices, components, global sourcing 
    , using a combination of high-efficiency technology resonator 
    , a low inductance circuit arrangement 
    , the use of large-scale digital circuit 
    , a comprehensive and mature protection technical 
    novel IGBT intermediate bar heating furnace three advantages: 
    , a substantial energy saving, each heat a ton of steel, power 320 degrees. It saves 20%-30% of the power consumption of the thyristor . 
    , will not bring network side pollution, power supply transformers do not heat, substation compensation capacitors do not heat, do not interfere with other equipment work. 
    3. Reduce the capacity of the power supply transformer.

    New IGBT IF bar heating furnace saving effect 
    300kW IGBT intermediate bar heating furnace: middle class 10 tons forging, saving per ton of 80-100 degrees, saving class 800-1000 degrees classes save electricity 560-700 yuan; month electricity savings of million yuan; double shifts or three shifts of production, the monthly electricity savings of Wan -6 million yuan. Equipment investment can be recovered in a few months.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan