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    product description


    Energy-saving induction heating equipment for single-tooth scanning quenching of large diameter gears. The quenched layer is uniform and the hardness is moderate. Energy saving. This is a 800mm diameter gear quenching site.

    For details, please consult: 13938586735, 13769669912. 

    The two pictures below are the one-tooth quenching scene pictures.



     25 years of professional quality, 25 years of focus on the development and application of induction heating equipment. The surface of large-diameter gears is quenched, energy-saving and energy-saving, uniform quenching layer and moderate hardness, which effectively improves the wear resistance and service life of the gear during operation.

    Quenching has super-audio quenching and quenching layer 1-3mm. Medium frequency quenching, quenching layer 2-6mm.

    Tel: 13938586735

    The following three pictures are the overall medium quenching picture of the gear.





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