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    product description


    ( 1 ) a large frequency range, from 1KHZ - 20KHZ , according to the diameter of the specific heat of the workpiece, select the appropriate frequency. ( 2 ) When the medium frequency forging furnace is heated, the length of the induction coil is 500mm จC 1 meter long, and at the same time, multiple materials are heated to ensure the heating effect.  


    ( 3 ) The medium frequency forging furnace adopts continuous heating mode, and the load inside the induction coil is relatively balanced, which overcomes the actual heating of the equipment caused by the huge load change when the single bar load increases from room temperature to 1100 กใC during the whole heating process. The huge change in power enables the actual power of the equipment to be guaranteed to be more than 85% of the rated power value during the entire continuous heating process, and the equipment can be effectively utilized. 
    ( 4 ) When heating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, by properly designing the induction coil and capacitor, the actual power of the equipment can also reach more than 85% of the maximum power, and the heating capacity of 3.5KG/KW • hour can be achieved when heating copper . 
    ( 5 ) Compared with the thyristor intermediate frequency, it is not only small in size, easy to maintain, but also can save 15-20% .

    Main forging furnace specifications and heating capacity:

    Main specification


    Heating capacity

    Heating temperature 1100 กใC

    Heat the brass material to 700 กใC

    JJZP-35forging furnace


    1.25 KG/ min

    1.75 KG/ min

    JJZP-45 forging furnace


    1.67 KG/ min

    2.33 KG/ min

    JJZP-70 forging furnace


    2.5 KG/ min

    3.5 KG/ min

    JJZP-90 forging furnace


    3.33 KG/ min

    4.67KG/ min

    JJZP-110forging furnace


    4.17 KG/ min

    5.83 KG/ min

    JJZP-160 forging furnace


    5.83 KG/ min

    8 KG/ min

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