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    product description


    Title: 3T induction melting furnace - 3 T induction melting furnace price and 3 T induction melting furnace selection method

    Key words: induction melting furnace, 3T induction melting furnace

    Description: provides quick selection of "3T induction melting furnace" process provides a good price 3T induction melting furnace, there is provided a method selected 3T induction melting furnace, providing configuration, the transformer, the line voltage, cooling system, and a method of selecting furnace structure The method of determining energy consumption . A 3T induction melting furnace arrangement method is provided.

    3T induction melting furnace 2022 energy-saving

    One, 3T induction melting furnace consists of:

    2000kw intermediate frequency power supply - capacitor cabinet - aluminum shell or steel shell furnace - hydraulic tilting furnace system - remote control box - ZXZ- 200 T closed loop cooling tower.

    Second, the price of 3T induction melting furnace

    The price of the 3T induction melting furnace is calculated according to the power of the intermediate frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. Different configuration prices vary. This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please consult the specific   

    Serial number

    Item name

    Specification model



    Price ¥


    IF power cabinet






    Capacitor cabinet

    0.75- 2 000-1S





    3T furnacesteel shell

    GW- 3T





    Water cooled cable

    LHSD- 500






    3T furnace dedicated




    Total: ¥ 447,000

    Third, the choice of 3T induction melting furnace related configuration

    Intermediate frequencypower supply

    Working form: 6- pulse or 12- pulse rectification , parallel inverter or series inverter structure ( one electric two furnace )

    Rectified form: 3- phase 6- pulse or 6- phase 12- pulse

    Output power: 2000kw

    Power efficiency 98%

    Start mode: buffer frequency conversion start

    Startup rate: 100% (including heavy load)

    Rated frequency: 500HZ - 1000HZ

    AC voltage: 380v-660v

    DC voltage: 500v-1000 V

    IF voltage: 750v-1500 V -3000v

    DC current: 1100 A 2

    AC current: 900 A 2

    Input frequency: 50Hz

    Dimensions: 30 00 mm 15 00mm  2200 mm ( length  width height)

    Weight: 2000 KG or so

    Circulating water volume: 40 T / h with integrated layered water cooling tower ZXZ- 200T (40/160)

    Furnace body

    Rated capacity: 3T

    Maximum capacity: 3.3T

    Power factor: 0.9 8

    Working mode: one electric two furnace

    Melting time : about 45 minutes / furnace ( 1550 degrees cast iron)

    Working temperature: 1550 C

    Loading height: 1 25 0mm   Ring height: 1 1 00mm , conductive coil height 880mm

    Loading diameter: 960mm (upper mouth) inner diameter of the ring: 960mm copper ring of the furnace is 25x40x5mm

    Maximum angle of the tilting furnace: 95

    Yoke: There is an orientation of 0.2 7 water yoke. Liner thickness: 10 0 mm

    Outlet mode: side outlet

    Circulating water volume: 160 T / h Integrated layered water cooling tower ZXZ- 200T (40/160)

    Tilting method: hydraulic

    Unit power consumption:  520 5% kW.h/t 1550 C

    Working voltage: 3200V

    Dimensions: 2020  2260  1 7 50

    Weight: 60 00KG or so

    3T induction melting furnace features :

    1. Intelligent system, fast protection, durable thyristor, good starting performance, stable operation and convenient operation.

    2 , the use of large copper discharge machine, increase the reactor power saving.

    3 , induction melting furnace has over voltage, over current, water temperature, water pressure, short circuit, grounding and other protection systems, the operating panel has a working parameter display table , display various parameters of the working state, and there are faults, temperature and other indications.

    Fourth, how to arrange 3T induction melting furnace ? Please see the figure below for answers.


    Five, 3T induction melting furnace appearance structure


    6. What information does the customer need to provide to the supplier before purchasing the induction melting furnace?

    1. Induction melting furnace should have space for layout, and it is necessary to provide the area and layout of the plant.

    2. The customer needs to provide the capacity of the transformer, the magnitude of the incoming line voltage, and the frequency of the incoming line voltage.

    3. The induction melting furnace requires water-cooling equipment, and the induction melting furnace configuration contains water-cooling equipment.

    4. The furnace structure of the induction melting furnace has a steel shell furnace body and an aluminum shell furnace body, and the customer needs to specify the furnace body structure.

    5. The power supply of the induction melting furnace is an intermediate frequency power supply. The circuit structure of the intermediate frequency power supply is divided into an inverter parallel connection and an inverter series structure. The inverter series structure is energy-saving, the power factor is 0.98, and the line is stable. The inverter parallel structure is of the common type with a power factor of 0.92, which requires the customer to specify the line structure.

    Seven, a good way to correctly and quickly select " 3T induction melting furnace "

    1. Induction melting furnace transformer capacity selection

    The 3T induction melting furnace should choose a 2500KVA transformer. Secondary output voltage is 660v

    Selection basis: value of transformer capacity = value of induction melting furnace power supply x 1.2

    The transformer is a rectifier transformer. In order to reduce the interference of harmonics, it is used as far as possible for the special plane, that is, one induction melting furnace is equipped with a rectifier transformer.

    1. Selection of 3T induction melting furnace inlet voltage

    3T induction melting furnace power is 2000kw using six- phase 12- pulse 660v , 50HZ industrial electricity

    Selection basis: For medium frequency power supply for induction melting furnace below 1000KW , three-phase five-wire 380V , 50HZ industrial power is generally used , and for induction melting furnace above 1000KW , the focus is on using 660V incoming voltage .

    1. According to the capacity requirements, determine the induction melting furnace with large tonnage.

    The capacity of the induction melting furnace can be determined by the weight of the individual pieces and the weight of the molten iron required for each working day .

    The standard tonnage is as follows:

    250kg induction melting furnace

    500kg induction melting furnace

    1T induction melting furnace

    2 T induction melting furnace

    3T induction melting furnace

    5T induction melting furnace

    4. Selection of 3T induction melting furnace body structure

    The capacity of the 3T induction melting furnace is small. The recommended choice is: the furnace body of the hydraulic steel shell .

    The aluminum alloy structure commonly known as the aluminum alloy structure with the reducer as the tilting furnace method. The induction melting furnace of the steel structure with the hydraulic cylinder as the tilting furnace is commonly called the steel shell furnace. The steel shell furnace is a steel structure, and the aluminum shell furnace shell material is an aluminum alloy .

    Eight, 3T induction melting furnace energy consumption determination

    The power supply of the induction melting furnace is more power-saving, and the energy consumption of molten iron in 3T induction melting furnace : 5 2 0KW.h/t , energy consumption of molten steel 550 KW.h/t .

    Nine, how to choose the induction melting furnace lining material?

    1. Induction melting furnace lining material is divided into acid lining material, alkaline lining material, neutral lining material, coil cement, root melting material, medium frequency electric furnace tonnage, product molding temperature is different, it is very important to choose the appropriate lining material. jobs.

    2. Induction melting furnace is a molten steel furnace using alkaline lining material mainly for fused magnesia. The induction melting furnace is a molten iron furnace. The acid lining material is a refractory material for quartz coreless induction furnace, and the material is acidic.

    Ten, how to increase the melting speed of the induction melting furnace?

    1.   Increase the power of the induction frequency melting furnace intermediate frequency power supply.

    2.   Choose a reasonable charge size and the correct feeding method.

    3.   Appropriate molten iron outlet temperature.

    Wikipedia: Induction melting furnace