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    product description


    Energy saving 0.5 ton series induction melting furnace

    0.5 tons series high-speed melting furnace power configuration: KGPS into IF power rectifier (6 pulse frequency power supply) and bis rectifier power supply (pulse frequency power supply 12). 

    0.5 ton series induction melting furnace inversion method: It is a series inverter thyristor medium frequency power supply technology, and the inverter resonance circuit is series resonance. 


    A. The SCR full-control rectifier circuit is used, without adjusting the conduction angle of the rectifier thyristor to adjust the power, so that the rectifier thyristor is always fully open, so the power factor is always greater than 0.95, the harmonic content is small, and the rectification The output voltage is constant and the waveform is good. Therefore, the equipment has high operating efficiency, which can save 10 to 20% of electrical energy, and the energy saving effect is obvious. 

    B. The rectifier is powered by a 12-pulse thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, which does not contain the 5th and 7th harmonic components. According to the harmonic analysis, the harmonic impact of the 12-pulse rectifier power supply is much smaller than that of a 6-pulse ordinary KGPS intermediate frequency power supply. 

    C. The control system is fully digitized, and the start-up success rate reaches 100%.  

    1. Main technical parameter configuration of 0.5 ton high-speed smelting tandem induction melting furnace  

    Device model GWT-0.5 / 400 

    Technical index 

    Technical index 

    Equipment rated power 



    Phase voltage 

    Three-phase 380V or six-phase 380V 

    Three-phase 380V or six-phase 380V 

    Electric furnace rated voltage 



    Rated Capacity 



    zui large capacity



    Rated temperature 

    1800 ≧ 

    1800 ≧ 

    Melting rate

    0.65T / H

    0.65T / H

    Electricity consumption per ton

    550 ≧ \ 5%;

    550 ≧ \ 5%;

    Cooling water circulation

    20T / H 

    20T / H 

    With IF power supply specifications 

    KGPS-0.5 / 400 or IGBT-0.5 / 400  

    KGPS-0.5 / 400 or IGBT-0.5 / 400

    Single set price 

    (Aluminum shell structure) 

     (Steel shell structure) 

    Complete configuration list: 

    Fast IF Power 


    Compensation capacitor cabinet 


    Two stoves 


    Reducer 431 

    Two steel shell structures are hydraulic  

    Water-cooled cable 250mm² 〜 3.5m 


    Crucible film 


    Manual information 


    Second, the classic line ordinary 0.5 ton induction melting furnace configuration instructions: A. Intermediate frequency power and electrical parts: rectifier transformer (optional), intermediate frequency power KGPS-0.5 / 400 or IGBT-0.5 / 400 compensation capacitors and control cabinets, Includes crucible leak alarm system (optional). B. Furnace part: optional (steel shell or aluminum shell furnace) induction melting furnace is equipped with two furnace bodies, one for production and the other for standby; the furnace body includes optional furnace cover, inductor, crucible, Furnace bracket, water distributor, etc. C. Transmission: Transmission includes mechanical or hydraulic devices such as the movement of the furnace cover and the tilting and resetting of the furnace body, and the furnace lining setting device. D. Connection materials: a set of copper bars from the power supply to the capacitor cabinet; a set of water-cooled cables (capacitor cabinet to the furnace body) Note: The above configuration is a standard configuration of a typical "one electric two furnaces", we can according to different production process requirements Provide configuration schemes that meet production needs.

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