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    5T steel shell induction melting furnace

    1.  Structural features of steel shell induction melting furnace : 
      1.1 Furnace body structure: Furnace body structure is composed of furnace fixing frame and furnace body. The furnace fixing frame and furnace body adopt the integral skeleton structure. The tilting of the furnace body is controlled by a hydraulic system, which is achieved by lifting up two hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the furnace body, and the resetting of the furnace body is realized by the pressure generated by the furnace's own weight. The height and diameter of the molten iron in the furnace are relatively high. This furnace is based on foreign advanced furnace types and is determined on the basis of computer analysis. The ratio of height to height is increased, the natural power factor is improved, and the electrical efficiency is improved. 1.2 Magnetic yoke: The   magnetic yoke is a crescent-shaped yoke made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and stainless steel plywood. The bonding surface of the iron core and the coil is a circular arc surface. The structure has good compaction effect and less magnetic leakage. After the silicon steel sheets are stacked, they are tightened with a special plywood instead of a special through-hole screw. This structure can make full use of the magnetic permeability area of the silicon steel sheets and reduce the possibility of local heating. 1.3 Hydraulic system: The   hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic station, It consists of hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic operating table.   The hydraulic station is a hydraulic system composed of a box, a hydraulic pump, various valves and pressure instruments. Through the buttons or handles on the hydraulic operating table, the furnace body can be tilted, stopped and reset.   The furnace body can be tilted 95 degrees by the pushing of a hydraulic cylinder to pour out all the metal liquid, and it can stay at any position during the tilting process as required. 
      2. Structural characteristics of the induction coil of the steel shell induction melting furnace : 2.1 Thick-wall induction coils will provide more melting energy.   Thick-wall induction coils have a larger current-carrying cross-section than induction coils with other cross-sections, so the coil resistance is lower and more Much energy can be smelted. And because the thickness of the surrounding wall is uniform, its strength is higher than that of the coil structure with uneven wall and thin wall on one side. In other words, the coil of our structure is not easy to occur. Damage caused by arc and expansion. 2.2 The open space between the turns of the induction coil improves the electrical efficiency and reduces the water vapor.   After repeated practical thinking, we have left space between the turns of the induction coil, which can improve the current carrying capacity of the coil. efficiency, and may allow the lining material is easily volatilized water vapor in the furnace without a gap in the induction coil, a general problem is often influenced by the adjacent coils of the coil magnetic field, so that impedance increases from the surface. 2.3 coil design principles   coil It is the heart of the induction furnace. The induction coil generates a strong magnetic field under the action of current. This magnetic field causes the metal in the furnace to generate eddy currents and generate heat. The coil is the key to converting electrical energy into thermal energy, so the design of the coil is very important. The coils of this furnace are combined with the actual use of the induction furnace, based on the electromagnetic field principle, a better solution determined through the calculation of professional computer software. The new coil anti-parallel winding technology (double induction coils in parallel) is used to better gather the magnetic field. Improve the magnetic field stirring force. The error between the design power of the induction coil and the actual operating power is not more than 5%. The insulation of the coil, especially the interturn insulation, is guaranteed by advanced insulation treatment methods. The special clamping technology can effectively reduce the coil's Axial vibration. 2.4 The cooling ring prolongs the life of the furnace lining.   Good cooling of the furnace lining not only provides better insulation and thermal insulation properties, but also improves the life of the furnace lining. In order to achieve this purpose, when the furnace body is designed, cooling is added at the top and bottom respectively. Ring, so that the water can only achieve the purpose of uniform furnace lining temperature, and reduce the thermal expansion. Due to the low heat loss and high-intensity copper cooling ring, the efficiency of the electric furnace is greatly improved. 

     The main technical parameters of steel case induction melting furnace KGPS-5T / 3000KW:

     Rated power: 3000KW;

     Rated temperature: 1750 ° C;

     Rated capacity: 5000KG;

     Most high capacity: 6000KG;

     Melting rate: 5T / H

     Electricity consumption per ton: 530 ℃ ± 5%;

     Power supply voltage: 50HZ, three-phase, 660V;

     Rated frequency: 1000Hz

     Rated working voltage: 2500V;

     Power transformer capacity: ≥3600KVA

     Working temperature: molten iron: 1500 ° C 

     Melting rate of hot furnace: molten iron: 5T / H 

     Electric furnace melting power consumption: Iron melting : 530KW.H / T ± 5% 

     Cooling water circulation: 120T / H 



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